Uruguay vs USA

  • Time Sat, 09/10/2021, 07:00 pm
  • Location Estadio Charrua
  • Referee Damian Schneider
  • Silva53'
  • Gattas47'
  • Mieres41'
  • Silva4'
  • Dyer63'
  • Kruse28'
  • Favaro55'
  • Favaro48'
  • Favaro42'
  • Favaro5'
  • Carty64'
  • Favaro39'
  • Favaro33'
Penalty Goals
  • Magie8'
25Defenders Beaten15
4Clean Breaks2
12Turnovers Conceded11
15Missed Tackles25
8Turnovers Won3
32Kicks in Play22
2/3Penalty Goals1/1
N/ADrop GoalsN/A
87Rucks Won69
1Rucks Lost7
98%Rucks Success Rate90%
1Mauls Won4
Set Plays
9Lineouts Won10
2Lineouts Lost1
81%Lineouts Success Rate90%
6Scrums Won4
1Scrums Lost0
85%Scrums Success Rate100%
6Penalties Conceded10
0Red Cards0
0Yellow Cards0
Mateo Sanguinetti1Mateo Sanguinetti
David Ainu'u1David Ainu'u
Facundo Gattas2Facundo Gattas
Kapeli Pifeleti2Kapeli Pifeleti
Diego Arbelo3Diego Arbelo
Joe Taufete'e3Joe Taufete'e
Ignacio Dotti4Ignacio Dotti
Nate Brakeley4Nate Brakeley
Manuel Leindekar5Manuel Leindekar
Nick Civetta5Nick Civetta
Manuel Ardao6Manuel Ardao
Andrew Guerra6Andrew Guerra
Santiago Civetta7Santiago Civetta
Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz7Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz
Manuel Diana8Manuel Diana
Cam Dolan8Cam Dolan
Santiago Arata9Santiago Arata
Ruben de Haas9Ruben de Haas
Felipe Etcheverry10Felipe Etcheverry
Will Magie10Will Magie
Gaston Mieres11Gaston Mieres
Mika Kruse11Mika Kruse
Andres Vilaseca12Andres Vilaseca
Tavite Lopeti12Tavite Lopeti
Nicolas Freitas13Nicolas Freitas
Bryce Campbell13Bryce Campbell
Federico Favaro14Federico Favaro
Christian Dyer14Christian Dyer
Rodrigo Silva15Rodrigo Silva
Marcel Brache15Marcel Brache
Guillermo Pujadas16Guillermo Pujadas
Dylan Fawsitt16Dylan Fawsitt
Juan Echeverria17Juan Echeverria
Matthew Harmon17Matthew Harmon
Matias Benitez18Matias Benitez
Paul Mullen18Paul Mullen
Diego Magno19Diego Magno
Greg Peterson19Greg Peterson
Franco Lamanna20Franco Lamanna
Benjamin Bonasso20Benjamin Bonasso
Eric Dosantos21Eric Dosantos
Nate Augspurger21Nate Augspurger
Tomas Inciarte22Tomas Inciarte
Luke Carty22Luke Carty
Felipe Arcos Perez23Felipe Arcos Perez
Will Hooley23Will Hooley
Esteban Meneses
Gary Gold
75Substitution onMatias Benitez comes on.
75Substitution offMateo Sanguinetti comes off.
72Substitution onUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Franco Lamanna getting some game time.
72Substitution offUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Manuel Leindekar being replaced.
71Substitution onUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Guillermo Pujadas getting some game time.
71Substitution offUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Facundo Gattas being replaced.
70Substitution onUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Juan Echeverria getting some game time.
70Substitution offUruguay decide to make a substitution, with Diego Arbelo being replaced.
67Substitution onUruguay make a substitution with Diego Magno coming on.
67Substitution offUruguay make a substitution with Ignacio Dotti coming off.
64Conversion - KickedThe USA supporters go wild as Luke Carty successfully kicks the conversion.
63Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by USA leads to a try for Christian Dyer
63Try AssistSpellbinding play by Mika Kruse is finished off with a try.
61Substitution onUruguay sub Felipe Arcos Perez comes onto the field.
61Substitution offNicolas Freitas departs for Uruguay.
61Substitution onUruguay sub Eric Dosantos comes onto the field.
61Substitution offManuel Diana departs for Uruguay.
60Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Bryce Campbell goes through the gap.
55Substitution onNate Augspurger comes on for USA.
55Substitution offRuben de Haas leaves the field.
55Substitution onPaul Mullen comes on for USA.
55Substitution offJoe Taufete'e leaves the field.
55Substitution onDylan Fawsitt comes on for USA.
55Substitution offKapeli Pifeleti leaves the field.
55Substitution onMatthew Harmon comes on for USA.
55Substitution offDavid Ainu'u leaves the field.
55Substitution onTomas Inciarte comes on for Uruguay.
55Substitution offSantiago Arata leaves the field.
55Conversion - KickedThe touch judges raise their flags as Federico Favaro kicks the conversion.
53Try - Passing MoveA penetrating move by Uruguay results in a try for Rodrigo Silva.
53Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Nicolas Freitas.
53Clean BreakWhat a run here by Nicolas Freitas as they gets over the gainline!
50Substitution onBenjamin Bonasso comes on.
50Substitution offJamason Fa'anana-Schultz comes off.
50Substitution onGreg Peterson comes on.
50Substitution offNate Brakeley comes off.
50Substitution onLuke Carty comes on.
50Substitution offWill Magie comes off.
48Conversion - KickedFederico Favaro adds the two points for Uruguay.
47Try - Close rangeThe defence are desperately trying to hold out here but it was to no avail as Facundo Gattas dots the ball down from close range.
42Conversion - KickedFederico Favaro adds the two points for Uruguay.
41Try - Passing MoveIncisive passing by Uruguay is finished off by Gaston Mieres, as he goes over for the try.
41Clean BreakFabulous play by Uruguay has led to Gaston Mieres being able to wriggle through a gap.
41Try AssistFelipe Etcheverry played a key part in that try.
40Start Of Second HalfThe second half kicks off.
39Penalty Goal - KickedFederico Favaro has kicked a penalty goal.
36Substitution onUSA sub Will Hooley comes onto the field.
36Substitution offMarcel Brache departs for USA.
33Penalty Goal - KickedThe Uruguay supporters go wild as Federico Favaro successfully kicks the penalty goal.
29Conversion - Missed RightWill Magie curls the ball too far, missing the posts to the right.
28Try - Passing MoveSilky skills by USA ends with a try for Mika Kruse.
27Clean BreakTrouble here as Mika Kruse breaches the defence.
27Try AssistRuben de Haas played a key part in that try.
20Penalty Goal - Hit Right PostThe penalty attempt by Federico Favaro has rebounded off the left post and back into play.
16Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Nicolas Freitas took full advantage.
8Penalty Goal - KickedWill Magie kicks the penalty.
5Conversion - KickedFederico Favaro has kicked a conversion.
4Try - Close rangeUruguay are only a few metres out, surely they must score! And they do with Rodrigo Silva touching down.
4Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Rodrigo Silva goes through the gap.
4Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Santiago Arata.
0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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