Romania vs Argentina

  • Time Sat, 03/07/2021, 06:00 pm
  • Location Stadionul National Arcul de Triumf
  • Referee Mathieu Raynal
  • Capatana46'
  • Martin72'
  • Penalty Try35'
  • Cordero23'
  • Bruni12'
    • Miotti73'
    • Melinte61'
    • Melinte31'
    • Melinte21'
    • Melinte3'
    Penalty Goals
      6Defenders Beaten19
      1Clean Breaks5
      8Turnovers Conceded14
      19Missed Tackles6
      4Turnovers Won3
      28Kicks in Play33
      4/5Penalty GoalsN/A
      N/ADrop GoalsN/A
      45Rucks Won78
      1Rucks Lost2
      97%Rucks Success Rate97%
      7Mauls Won8
      Set Plays
      8Lineouts Won18
      4Lineouts Lost2
      66%Lineouts Success Rate90%
      6Scrums Won8
      1Scrums Lost0
      85%Scrums Success Rate100%
      19Penalties Conceded13
      0Red Cards0
      2Yellow Cards1
      Alexandru Savin1Alexandru Savin
      Facundo Gigena1Facundo Gigena
      Eugen Capatana2Eugen Capatana
      Julian Montoya2Julian Montoya
      Alexandru Tarus3Alexandru Tarus
      Enrique Pieretto3Enrique Pieretto
      Florian Rosu4Florian Rosu
      Marcos Kremer4Marcos Kremer
      Adrian Motoc5Adrian Motoc
      Tomas Lavanini5Tomas Lavanini
      Cristian Chirica6Cristian Chirica
      Pablo Matera6Pablo Matera
      Cristi Boboc7Cristi Boboc
      Francisco Gorrissen7Francisco Gorrissen
      Andre Gorin8Andre Gorin
      Rodrigo Bruni8Rodrigo Bruni
      Gabriel Rupanu9Gabriel Rupanu
      Tomas Cubelli9Tomas Cubelli
      Daniel Plai10Daniel Plai
      Nicolas Sanchez10Nicolas Sanchez
      Nicolas Onutu11Nicolas Onutu
      Juan Imhoff11Juan Imhoff
      Alexandru Bucur12Alexandru Bucur
      Jeronimo De La Fuente12Jeronimo De La Fuente
      Taylor Gontineac13Taylor Gontineac
      Matias Moroni13Matias Moroni
      Ionut Dumitru14Ionut Dumitru
      Bautista Delguy14Bautista Delguy
      Ionel Melinte15Ionel Melinte
      Santiago Cordero15Santiago Cordero
      Florin Bardasu16Florin Bardasu
      Facundo Bosch16Facundo Bosch
      Ionel Badiu17Ionel Badiu
      Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro17Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro
      Vasile Balan18Vasile Balan
      Santiago Medrano18Santiago Medrano
      Marius Antonescu19Marius Antonescu
      Facundo Isa19Facundo Isa
      Mihai Macovei20Mihai Macovei
      Juan Martin Gonzalez20Juan Martin Gonzalez
      Vlad Neculau21Vlad Neculau
      Gonzalo Bertranou21Gonzalo Bertranou
      Florin Surugiu22Florin Surugiu
      Domingo Miotti22Domingo Miotti
      Robert Neagu23Robert Neagu
      Juan Cruz Mallia23Juan Cruz Mallia
      Andy Robinson
      Mario Ledesma
      80+30End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
      80+14Team Rucks WonRomania have won 40 rucks so far this game.
      80+7Clean BreakFabulous play by Argentina has led to Santiago Cordero being able to wriggle through a gap.
      77Yellow cardGonzalo Bertranou (Argentina) is shown a yellow card.
      74Substitution onGonzalo Bertranou comes on for Argentina.
      74Substitution offTomas Cubelli leaves the field.
      74Player Good TacklesAndre Gorin has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
      74Player Good TacklesCristian Chirica has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
      73Conversion - KickedDomingo Miotti has kicked a conversion.
      73Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 60 rucks so far this game.
      72Try AssistSantiago Cordero played a key part in that try.
      72Try - Passing MoveA wonderful passing move by Argentina is finished off by Juan Martin Gonzalez.
      69Substitution onJuan Martin Gonzalez comes on.
      69Substitution offRodrigo Bruni comes off.
      67Yellow cardMarius Antonescu (Romania) is shown a yellow card.
      65Substitution onVlad Neculau comes on.
      65Substitution offAndre Gorin comes off.
      65Clean BreakTrouble here as Nicolas Onutu breaches the defence.
      61Substitution onRobert Neagu comes on.
      61Substitution offIonut Dumitru comes off.
      61Substitution onArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Facundo Bosch getting some game time.
      61Substitution offArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Julian Montoya being replaced.
      61Penalty Goal - KickedIonel Melinte does the business as his penalty goal attempt goes over.
      59Substitution onArgentina make a substitution with Domingo Miotti coming on.
      59Substitution offArgentina make a substitution with Nicolas Sanchez coming off.
      57Player Good TacklesDaniel Plai has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
      57Player Good TacklesAlexandru Bucur has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
      55Substitution onRomania sub Vasile Balan comes onto the field.
      55Substitution offAlexandru Tarus departs for Romania.
      55Substitution onFlorin Bardasu comes on for Romania.
      51Substitution onSantiago Medrano comes on.
      51Substitution offEnrique Pieretto leaves the field.
      51Substitution onNahuel Tetaz Chaparro comes on.
      51Substitution offFacundo Gigena comes off.
      50Substitution offEugen Capatana comes off.
      48Conversion - Missed RightIonel Melinte curls the ball too far, missing the posts to the right.
      47Substitution onJuan Cruz Mallia comes on.
      47Substitution offJuan Imhoff comes off.
      46Try - Close rangeRomania are only a few metres out, surely they must score! And they do with Eugen Capatana touching down.
      45Substitution onArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Facundo Isa getting some game time.
      45Substitution offArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Tomas Lavanini being replaced.
      44Substitution onRomania make a substitution with Florin Surugiu coming on.
      44Substitution offRomania make a substitution with Gabriel Rupanu coming off.
      40Substitution onRomania sub Marius Antonescu comes onto the field.
      40Substitution offFlorian Rosu departs for Romania.
      40Substitution onMihai Macovei comes on for Romania.
      40Substitution offCristi Boboc leaves the field.
      40Substitution onIonel Badiu comes on.
      40Substitution offAlexandru Savin comes off.
      40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
      40+11End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
      40+10Team Rucks WonRomania have won 20 rucks so far this game.
      39Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 40 rucks so far this game.
      35Yellow cardCristian Chirica (Romania) is shown a yellow card.
      35Penalty TryThe referee awards a penalty try to Argentina.
      32Clean BreakThis is dangerous for the defence as Francisco Gorrissen bursts through to advance the Argentina attack.
      31Penalty Goal - KickedIonel Melinte makes no mistake with that penalty goal attempt.
      28Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Santiago Cordero took full advantage.
      24Conversion - Missed RightNicolas Sanchez has hooked the conversion to the right of the posts.
      23Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Nicolas Sanchez.
      23Try - Passing MoveA series of passes by Argentina results in a try for Santiago Cordero.
      21Penalty Goal - KickedIonel Melinte kicks the penalty.
      21Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 20 rucks so far this game.
      15Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Rodrigo Bruni goes through the gap.
      14Conversion - Missed LeftNicolas Sanchez has hooked the conversion to the left of the posts.
      12Try AssistJulian Montoya sets up the try.
      12Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by Argentina leads to a try for Rodrigo Bruni.
      11Penalty Goal - Missed RightIonel Melinte steps up to take the penalty but pulls it wide and to the right.
      3Penalty Goal - KickedIonel Melinte has kicked a penalty goal.
      0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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