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Argentina vs Wales

  • Time Sat, 10/07/2021, 12:00 pm
  • Location Principality Stadium
  • Referee Matthew Carley
  • De45'
  • Matera38'
  • Williams70'
  • Rowlands50'
  • Sanchez46'
  • Sanchez40'
  • Evans71'
  • Evans51'
  • Sanchez34'
  • Sanchez15'
Penalty Goals
  • Sheedy26'
  • Sheedy17'
13Defenders Beaten22
3Clean Breaks10
11Turnovers Conceded12
22Missed Tackles13
7Turnovers Won5
36Kicks in Play33
2/5Penalty Goals2/4
N/ADrop GoalsN/A
78Rucks Won86
3Rucks Lost7
96%Rucks Success Rate92%
5Mauls Won6
Set Plays
7Lineouts Won15
1Lineouts Lost0
87%Lineouts Success Rate100%
5Scrums Won6
0Scrums Lost1
100%Scrums Success Rate85%
15Penalties Conceded13
1Red Cards0
1Yellow Cards1
Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro1Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro
Nicky Smith1Nicky Smith
Julian Montoya2Julian Montoya
Elliot Dee2Elliot Dee
Francisco Gomez Kodela3Francisco Gomez Kodela
Dillon Lewis3Dillon Lewis
Guido Petti4Guido Petti
Ben Carter4Ben Carter
Marcos Kremer5Marcos Kremer
Will Rowlands5Will Rowlands
Pablo Matera6Pablo Matera
Ross Moriarty6Ross Moriarty
Facundo Isa7Facundo Isa
James Botham7James Botham
Rodrigo Bruni8Rodrigo Bruni
Aaron Wainwright8Aaron Wainwright
Tomas Cubelli9Tomas Cubelli
Kieran Hardy9Kieran Hardy
Nicolas Sanchez10Nicolas Sanchez
Callum Sheedy10Callum Sheedy
Santiago Cordero11Santiago Cordero
Owen Lane11Owen Lane
Jeronimo De La Fuente12Jeronimo De La Fuente
Jonathan Davies12Jonathan Davies
Matias Moroni13Matias Moroni
Willis Halaholo13Willis Halaholo
Santiago Carreras14Santiago Carreras
Jonah Holmes14Jonah Holmes
Juan Cruz Mallia15Juan Cruz Mallia
Hallam Amos15Hallam Amos
Facundo Bosch16Facundo Bosch
Ryan Elias16Ryan Elias
Facundo Gigena17Facundo Gigena
Gareth Thomas17Gareth Thomas
Santiago Medrano18Santiago Medrano
Leon Brown18Leon Brown
Tomas Lavanini19Tomas Lavanini
Josh Turnbull19Josh Turnbull
Matias Alemanno20Matias Alemanno
Taine Basham20Taine Basham
Gonzalo Bertranou21Gonzalo Bertranou
Tomos Williams21Tomos Williams
Domingo Miotti22Domingo Miotti
Jarrod Evans22Jarrod Evans
Santiago Chocobares23Santiago Chocobares
Nick Tompkins23Nick Tompkins
Mario Ledesma
Wayne Pivac
80End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
80Penalty Goal - Missed RightJarrod Evans takes the penalty but the ball didn't come round, staying right of the posts.
76Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 60 rucks so far this game.
73Penalty Goal - Missed LeftThe touch judges have waved away the attempt by Domingo Miotti as he hooks it left.
73Substitution onFacundo Bosch comes on.
73Substitution offJulian Montoya comes off.
71Team Rucks WonWales have won 80 rucks so far this game.
71Conversion - KickedJarrod Evans does the business as his conversion attempt goes over.
70Clean BreakFabulous play by Wales has led to Tomos Williams being able to wriggle through a gap.
70Try - Close rangeWales are stopped just a few metres from the try line but Tomos Williams picks up from the base of the ruck to score the try.
68Substitution onArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Domingo Miotti getting some game time.
68Substitution offArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Nicolas Sanchez being replaced.
65Substitution onArgentina make a substitution with Gonzalo Bertranou coming on.
65Substitution offArgentina make a substitution with Tomas Cubelli coming off.
64Substitution onArgentina sub Matias Alemanno comes onto the field.
64Substitution offMarcos Kremer departs for Argentina.
64Substitution onTaine Basham comes on for Wales.
64Substitution offJames Botham leaves the field.
64Substitution onRyan Elias comes on.
64Substitution offElliot Dee comes off.
63Substitution onLeon Brown comes on.
63Substitution offDillon Lewis comes off.
63Player Good TacklesPablo Matera has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
62Player Good TacklesJulian Montoya has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
62Player Good TacklesJeronimo De La Fuente has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
61Substitution onSantiago Medrano comes on.
61Substitution offFrancisco Gomez Kodela comes off.
58Substitution onArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Facundo Gigena getting some game time.
58Substitution offArgentina decide to make a substitution, with Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro being replaced.
57Team Rucks WonWales have won 60 rucks so far this game.
57Penalty Goal - Hit Left PostNicolas Sanchez can consider himself unlucky as he sees the ball hit the left upright and bounce away.
55Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 40 rucks so far this game.
55Substitution onWales make a substitution with Gareth Thomas coming on.
55Substitution offWales make a substitution with Nicky Smith coming off.
54Substitution onArgentina sub Tomas Lavanini comes onto the field.
54Substitution offFacundo Isa departs for Argentina.
51Penalty Goal - Missed LeftNicolas Sanchez steps up to take the penalty but pulls it wide and to the left.
51Conversion - KickedJarrod Evans makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
50Try AssistTomos Williams played a key part in that try.
50Try - Close rangeWill Rowlands scores the try from close range.
46Substitution onJarrod Evans comes on for Wales.
46Substitution offCallum Sheedy leaves the field.
46Substitution onTomos Williams comes on.
46Substitution offKieran Hardy comes off.
46Conversion - KickedNicolas Sanchez converts the try.
45Player Good TacklesRodrigo Bruni has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
45Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Santiago Chocobares.
45Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by Argentina leads to a try for Jeronimo De La Fuente.
45Clean BreakTrouble here as Jeronimo De La Fuente breaches the defence.
43Tackle - Try SaverTry saving tackle made by Santiago Chocobares.
43Tackle - Try SaverWhat a tackle there by Jeronimo De La Fuente as he saves a certain try!.
42Substitution onNick Tompkins comes on.
42Substitution offWillis Halaholo comes off.
40Team Rucks WonWales have won 40 rucks so far this game.
40Clean BreakThis is dangerous for the defence as Owen Lane bursts through to advance the Wales attack.
40Player Good TacklesFacundo Isa has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
40End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
40Conversion - KickedNicolas Sanchez has kicked a conversion.
38Try AssistTomas Cubelli sets up the try.
38Try - Close rangeArgentina are only a few metres out, surely they must score! And they do with Pablo Matera touching down.
34Substitution onRodrigo Bruni comes on.
34Substitution offFacundo Gigena comes off.
34Penalty Goal - KickedNicolas Sanchez does the business as his penalty goal attempt goes over.
33Substitution onWales decide to make a substitution, with Josh Turnbull getting some game time.
33Substitution offWales decide to make a substitution, with Leon Brown being replaced.
28Red cardJuan Cruz Mallia (Argentina) is shown the red card.
27Substitution onWales make a substitution with Leon Brown coming on.
27Substitution offWales make a substitution with Josh Turnbull coming off.
27Substitution onArgentina sub Facundo Gigena comes onto the field.
27Substitution offRodrigo Bruni departs for Argentina.
27Yellow cardDillon Lewis (Wales) is shown a yellow card.
27Yellow cardNahuel Tetaz Chaparro (Argentina) is shown a yellow card.
26Substitution onSantiago Chocobares comes on for Argentina.
26Substitution offSantiago Carreras leaves the field.
26Penalty Goal - KickedCallum Sheedy makes no mistake with that penalty goal attempt.
22Substitution onJosh Turnbull comes on.
22Substitution offAaron Wainwright comes off.
18Team Rucks WonArgentina have won 20 rucks so far this game.
17Penalty Goal - KickedCallum Sheedy kicks the penalty.
15Penalty Goal - KickedNicolas Sanchez has kicked a penalty goal.
15Team Rucks WonWales have won 20 rucks so far this game.
13Penalty Goal - Missed RightCallum Sheedy steps up to take the penalty but pulls it wide and to the right.
6Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Hallam Amos took full advantage.
2Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Aaron Wainwright goes through the gap.
0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle.
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