England vs Canada

  • Time Sat, 10/07/2021, 02:00 pm
  • Location Twickenham
  • Referee Craig Evans
  • Radwan60'
  • Blamire58'
  • Radwan49'
  • Genge45'
  • Blamire39'
  • Cokanasiga23'
  • Cokanasiga19'
  • Radwan14'
  • Penalty Try12'
  • Blamire0'
  • Lloyd32'
  • Braude9'
  • Smith62'
  • Smith59'
  • Smith51'
  • Smith45'
  • Smith40'
  • Smith24'
  • Smith21'
  • Smith15'
  • Smith1'
  • Nelson34'
  • Nelson10'
40Defenders Beaten11
12Clean Breaks2
10Turnovers Conceded9
11Missed Tackles40
4Turnovers Won0
32Kicks in Play31
N/APenalty GoalsN/A
N/ADrop GoalsN/A
69Rucks Won72
0Rucks Lost2
100%Rucks Success Rate97%
6Mauls Won4
Set Plays
13Lineouts Won13
3Lineouts Lost2
81%Lineouts Success Rate86%
6Scrums Won3
0Scrums Lost0
100%Scrums Success Rate100%
14Penalties Conceded16
0Red Cards0
1Yellow Cards1
Ellis Genge1Ellis Genge
Djustice Sears-Duru1Djustice Sears-Duru
Jamie Blamire2Jamie Blamire
Andrew Quattrin2Andrew Quattrin
Joe Heyes3Joe Heyes
Jake Ilnicki3Jake Ilnicki
Harry Wells4Harry Wells
Reegan O'Gorman4Reegan O'Gorman
Charlie Ewels5Charlie Ewels
Conor Keys5Conor Keys
Lewis Ludlow6Lewis Ludlow
Corey Thomas6Corey Thomas
Sam Underhill7Sam Underhill
Lucas Rumball7Lucas Rumball
Alex Dombrandt8Alex Dombrandt
Siaki Vikilani8Siaki Vikilani
Harry Randall9Harry Randall
Ross Braude9Ross Braude
Marcus Smith10Marcus Smith
Peter Nelson10Peter Nelson
Adam Radwan11Adam Radwan
Kainoa Lloyd11Kainoa Lloyd
Dan Kelly12Dan Kelly
Lachlan Kratz12Lachlan Kratz
Henry Slade13Henry Slade
Ben LeSage13Ben LeSage
Joe Cokanasiga14Joe Cokanasiga
Cole Davis14Cole Davis
Freddie Steward15Freddie Steward
Cooper Coats15Cooper Coats
Curtis Langdon16Curtis Langdon
Eric Howard16Eric Howard
Beno Obano17Beno Obano
Cole Keith17Cole Keith
Paul Hill18Paul Hill
Liam Murray18Liam Murray
Callum Chick19Callum Chick
Donald Carson19Donald Carson
Lewis Ludlam20Lewis Ludlam
Michael Smith20Michael Smith
Dan Robson21Dan Robson
Quinn Ngawati21Quinn Ngawati
George Furbank22George Furbank
Will Percillier22Will Percillier
Joe Marchant23Joe Marchant
Robbie Povey23Robbie Povey
Eddie Jones
Kingsley Jones
80+1End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
78Clean BreakWhat a run here by Ben LeSage as they gets over the gainline!.
73Substitution onCanada make a substitution with Robbie Povey coming on.
73Substitution offCanada make a substitution with Peter Nelson coming off.
73Substitution onCanada sub Liam Murray comes onto the field.
73Substitution offDjustice Sears-Duru departs for Canada.
71Team Rucks WonCanada have won 60 rucks so far this game.
70Player Good TacklesSam Underhill has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
69Team Rucks WonEngland have won 60 rucks so far this game.
68Substitution onConor Keys comes on for Canada.
68Substitution offSiaki Vikilani leaves the field.
65Substitution onGeorge Furbank comes on.
65Substitution offMarcus Smith comes off.
62Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith does the business as his conversion attempt goes over.
62Substitution onDonald Carson comes on.
62Substitution offConor Keys comes off.
60Clean BreakAdam Radwan makes the break as the defence re-enacts the parting of the red sea.
60Try AssistDan Robson sets up the try.
60Try - Individual effortAdam Radwan goes on his own for a try.
60Substitution onJoe Marchant comes on.
60Substitution offJoe Cokanasiga comes off.
60Player Good TacklesConor Keys has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
59Substitution onEngland decide to make a substitution, with Callum Chick getting some game time.
59Substitution offEngland decide to make a substitution, with Harry Wells being replaced.
59Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
59Substitution onEngland make a substitution with Curtis Langdon coming on.
59Substitution offEngland make a substitution with Jamie Blamire coming off.
58Try - Rolling maulGreat forward play by England allows Jamie Blamire to score the try.
56Substitution onCanada sub Ben LeSage comes onto the field.
56Substitution offLachlan Kratz departs for Canada.
56Substitution onBeno Obano comes on for England.
56Substitution offEllis Genge leaves the field.
56Substitution onEric Howard comes on.
56Substitution offAndrew Quattrin comes off.
54Substitution onLewis Ludlam comes on.
54Substitution offLewis Ludlow comes off.
52Player Good TacklesLucas Rumball has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
51Substitution onMichael Smith comes on.
51Substitution offReegan O'Gorman comes off.
51Substitution onCanada decide to make a substitution, with Quinn Ngawati getting some game time.
51Substitution offCanada decide to make a substitution, with Ben LeSage being replaced.
51Substitution onEngland make a substitution with Dan Robson coming on.
51Substitution offEngland make a substitution with Harry Randall coming off.
51Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith converts the try.
49Try AssistAlex Dombrandt sets up the try.
49Team Rucks WonEngland have won 40 rucks so far this game.
49Try - Passing MoveSilky skills by England ends with a try for Adam Radwan.
48Clean BreakFabulous play by England has led to Adam Radwan being able to wriggle through a gap.
48Clean BreakTrouble here as Alex Dombrandt breaches the defence.
47Substitution onCanada sub Will Percillier comes onto the field.
47Substitution offRoss Braude departs for Canada.
46Substitution onPaul Hill comes on for England.
46Substitution offJoe Heyes leaves the field.
45Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith has kicked a conversion.
45Try AssistHarry Randall sets up the try.
45Try - Passing MoveA wonderful passing move by England is finished off by Ellis Genge.
43Team Rucks WonCanada have won 40 rucks so far this game.
43Player Good TacklesEllis Genge has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
43Player Good TacklesCharlie Ewels has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
40End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
40Conversion - KickedThe England supporters go wild as Marcus Smith successfully kicks the conversion.
39Try - Rolling maulNobody could stop that maul! Jamie Blamire places the ball down for the try.
34Conversion - KickedThe touch judges raise their flags as Peter Nelson kicks the conversion.
32Try AssistSpellbinding play by Ben LeSage is finished off with a try.
32Try - Passing MoveA series of passes by Canada results in a try for Kainoa Lloyd.
29Yellow cardLewis Ludlow (England) is shown a yellow card.
29Substitution onCole Keith comes on.
29Substitution offJake Ilnicki comes off.
26Clean BreakThis is dangerous for the defence as Marcus Smith bursts through to advance the England attack.
26Team Rucks WonEngland have won 20 rucks so far this game.
25Team Rucks WonCanada have won 20 rucks so far this game.
24Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith adds the two points for England.
23Try - Individual effortA bit of individual brilliance by Joe Cokanasiga leads to a try for England.
22Try AssistDan Kelly played a key part in that try.
21Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith does the business as his conversion attempt goes over.
19Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Alex Dombrandt.
19Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Ellis Genge took full advantage.
19Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by England leads to a try for Joe Cokanasiga.
15Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
14Try AssistHenry Slade sets up the try.
14Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Adam Radwan goes through the gap.
14Try - Individual effortA stunning solo try from Adam Radwan.
12Yellow cardReegan O'Gorman (Canada) is shown a yellow card.
12Penalty TryThe referee awards a penalty try to England.
10Conversion - KickedPeter Nelson converts the try.
9Try - Close rangeCanada are only a few metres out, surely they must score! And they do with Ross Braude touching down.
1Conversion - KickedMarcus Smith has kicked a conversion.
0Try - Rolling maulThe England pack has powered over for Jamie Blamire to score the try.
0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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