World Rugby Sevens Series - Dubai 7s
Kenya 7s vs Spain 7s

Kenya 7s
Spain 7s
  • Time Fri, 26/11/2021, 01:02 pm
  • Location The Sevens
Kenya 7s
Kenya 7s
Spain 7s
Spain 7s
  • Odhiambo11'
  • Odhiambo7'
  • Humwa7'
  • Olindi5'
  • Ramos12'
  • Lopez1'
  • Omondi11'
  • Omondi8'
  • Amunga5'
  • Martinez1'
Kenya 7s
Kenya 7s
Spain 7s
Spain 7s
4Defenders Beaten8
3Clean Breaks2
1Turnovers Conceded2
8Missed Tackles4
0Turnovers Won0
1Kicks in Play1
N/APenalty GoalsN/A
N/ADrop GoalsN/A
21Rucks Won3
0Rucks Lost0
100%Rucks Success Rate100%
0Mauls Won0
Set Plays
0Lineouts Won1
0Lineouts Lost0
0%Lineouts Success Rate100%
5Scrums Won1
0Scrums Lost0
100%Scrums Success Rate100%
1Penalties Conceded8
0Red Cards0
0Yellow Cards1
Kenya 7s
Kenya 7s
Spain 7s
Spain 7s
Bush Mwale1Bush Mwale
Tobias Sainz-Trapaga1Tobias Sainz-Trapaga
Alvin Otieno2Alvin Otieno
Josep Serres2Josep Serres
Levy Amunga3Levy Amunga
Javier de Juan3Javier de Juan
Billy Odhiambo4Billy Odhiambo
Juan Ramos4Juan Ramos
Jeffrey Oluoch5Jeffrey Oluoch
Jaime Mata5Jaime Mata
Tony Omondi6Tony Omondi
Nicolas Nieto6Nicolas Nieto
Herman Humwa7Herman Humwa
Pol Pla7Pol Pla
Nelson Oyoo8Nelson Oyoo
Juan Martinez Lucas8Juan Martinez Lucas
Johnstone Olindi9Johnstone Olindi
Tiago Romero9Tiago Romero
Edmund Anya10Edmund Anya
Manuel Moreno10Manuel Moreno
Timothy Mmasi11Timothy Mmasi
Alejandro Hernandez11Alejandro Hernandez
Alvin Marube12Alvin Marube
Eduardo Lopez12Eduardo Lopez
14End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
13Conversion - Dropped ShortJuan Ramos will not be happy with that conversion attempt, as the he had the direction but not the power.
12Try - Individual effortA bit of individual brilliance by Juan Ramos leads to a try for Spain 7s
12Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Juan Ramos took full advantage.
11Conversion - KickedTony Omondi converts the try.
11Try - Passing MoveA series of passes by Kenya 7s results in a try for Billy Odhiambo
11Try AssistNelson Oyoo played a key part in that try.
10Yellow cardManuel Moreno (Spain 7s) is shown a yellow card
8Conversion - KickedTony Omondi has kicked a conversion.
7Try - Individual effortA stunning solo try from Herman Humwa
7Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Herman Humwa goes through the gap.
7Start Of Second HalfThe second half kicks off.
8End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams head for the dressing rooms.
8Conversion - Missed RightLevy Amunga has hooked the conversion to the right of the posts.
7Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by Kenya 7s leads to a try for Billy Odhiambo
7Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Bush Mwale goes through the gap.
5Conversion - KickedLevy Amunga has kicked a conversion.
5Try - Individual effortA stunning solo try from Johnstone Olindi
4Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Johnstone Olindi goes through the gap.
4Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Billy Odhiambo.
1Conversion - KickedJuan Martinez Lucas has kicked a conversion.
1Try - Individual effortA stunning solo try from Eduardo Lopez
1Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Eduardo Lopez goes through the gap.
0Try AssistJuan Ramos sets up the try.
0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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