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National Rugby Championship
228 vs 222

  • Time Sat, 21/10/2017, 6:00 am
  • Location McGillivray Oval
  • Verity-Amm58'
  • Koteka23'
  • Uyen20'
  • Verity-Amm18'
  • Koteka2'
  • Buaserau67'
  • Simone63'
  • Nucifora54'
  • Buaserau45'
  • Nucifora37'
  • Connor29'
  • Grant59'
  • Grant22'
  • Grant3'
  • Saifoloi68'
  • Nucifora55'
  • Hegarty37'
  • Hegarty30'
    Penalty Goals
    • Hegarty15'
    • Hegarty12'
    26Defenders Beaten26
    14Clean Breaks18
    19Turnovers Conceded16
    26Missed Tackles26
    7Turnovers Won7
    5Kicks in Play21
    N/APenalty Goals2/2
    N/ADrop GoalsN/A
    74Rucks Won73
    4Rucks Lost2
    94%Rucks Success Rate97%
    0Mauls Won0
    Set Plays
    2Lineouts Won6
    2Lineouts Lost2
    50%Lineouts Success Rate75%
    9Scrums Won17
    0Scrums Lost0
    100%Scrums Success Rate100%
    13Penalties Conceded3
    0Red Cards0
    1Yellow Cards0
    Pekahou Cowan1Pekahou Cowan
    Dave Lolohea1Dave Lolohea
    Anaru Rangi2Anaru Rangi
    Damien Fitzpatrick2Damien Fitzpatrick
    Shambeckler Vui3Shambeckler Vui
    Alex Westgarth3Alex Westgarth
    Richie Arnold4Richie Arnold
    Connor Vest4Connor Vest
    Matt Philip5Matt Philip
    David McDuling5David McDuling
    Isi Naisarani6Isi Naisarani
    Alex Perez6Alex Perez
    Kane Koteka7Kane Koteka
    Tom Connor7Tom Connor
    Ben McCalman8Ben McCalman
    James Brown8James Brown
    Michael Ruru9Michael Ruru
    Harry Nucifora9Harry Nucifora
    Peter Grant10Peter Grant
    Bryce Hegarty10Bryce Hegarty
    Clay Uyen11Clay Uyen
    Josh Turner11Josh Turner
    Marcel Brache12Marcel Brache
    Irae Simone12Irae Simone
    James Verity-Amm13James Verity-Amm
    Apo Latunipulu13Apo Latunipulu
    Chance Peni14Chance Peni
    Robaleibau Buaserau14Robaleibau Buaserau
    Nick Jooste15Nick Jooste
    Harry Burey15Harry Burey
    Logan Ede16Logan Ede
    Sam Kitchen16Sam Kitchen
    Baxter King17Baxter King
    Richard Vaihu17Richard Vaihu
    Kaisa Reidy18Kaisa Reidy
    Wayne Borsak18Wayne Borsak
    Onehunga Havili19Onehunga Havili
    Kawaa Leauma19Kawaa Leauma
    Tevin Ferris20Tevin Ferris
    Angus Ryan20Angus Ryan
    Ian Prior21Ian Prior
    Kepu Lokotui21Kepu Lokotui
    Brendan Owen22Brendan Owen
    Rohan Saifoloi22Rohan Saifoloi
    Jordan Luke23Jordan Luke
    Nick Duffy23Nick Duffy
    Kevin Foote
    80End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
    76Substitution onKepu Lokotui comes on for Sydney Rays.
    76Substitution offRobaleibau Buaserau leaves the field.
    75Substitution onRichard Vaihu comes on.
    75Substitution offDave Lolohea comes off.
    74Substitution onBrendan Owen comes on.
    74Substitution offClay Uyen comes off.
    70Substitution onSam Kitchen comes on.
    70Substitution offDamien Fitzpatrick comes off.
    70Substitution onSydney Rays decide to make a substitution, with Wayne Borsak getting some game time.
    70Substitution offSydney Rays decide to make a substitution, with Alex Westgarth being replaced.
    69Substitution onPerth Spirit make a substitution with Kaisa Reidy coming on.
    69Substitution offPerth Spirit make a substitution with Shambeckler Vui coming off.
    68Conversion - KickedThe Sydney Rays supporters go wild as Rohan Saifoloi successfully kicks the conversion.
    67TryRobaleibau Buaserau scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    64Conversion - MissedThe conversion attempt by Rohan Saifoloi is waved away.
    63TryIrae Simone scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    61Substitution onSydney Rays sub Nick Duffy comes onto the field.
    61Substitution offHarry Nucifora departs for Sydney Rays.
    59Conversion - KickedThe touch judges raise their flags as Peter Grant kicks the conversion.
    58TryJames Verity-Amm scores a try for Perth Spirit.
    58Substitution onTevin Ferris comes on for Perth Spirit.
    58Substitution offBen McCalman leaves the field.
    57Substitution onLogan Ede comes on.
    57Substitution offAnaru Rangi comes off.
    57Substitution onAngus Ryan comes on.
    57Substitution offConnor Vest comes off.
    55Conversion - KickedHarry Nucifora adds the two points for Sydney Rays.
    54TryHarry Nucifora scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    53Substitution onIan Prior comes on.
    53Substitution offMichael Ruru comes off.
    48Substitution onPerth Spirit decide to make a substitution, with Jordan Luke getting some game time.
    48Substitution offPerth Spirit decide to make a substitution, with Marcel Brache being replaced.
    48Substitution onSydney Rays make a substitution with Kawaa Leauma coming on.
    48Substitution offSydney Rays make a substitution with Tom Connor coming off.
    46Conversion - MissedHarry Nucifora fails to add the extras.
    45TryRobaleibau Buaserau scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    40Substitution onPerth Spirit sub Onehunga Havili comes onto the field.
    40Substitution offRichie Arnold departs for Perth Spirit.
    40Substitution onBaxter King comes on for Perth Spirit.
    40Substitution offPekahou Cowan leaves the field.
    40Substitution onRohan Saifoloi comes on.
    40Substitution offBryce Hegarty comes off.
    40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
    40+1End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
    37Conversion - KickedBryce Hegarty does the business as his conversion attempt goes over.
    37TryHarry Nucifora scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    30Conversion - KickedBryce Hegarty makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
    29TryTom Connor scores a try for Sydney Rays.
    28Yellow cardMatt Philip (Perth Spirit) is shown a yellow card.
    24Conversion - MissedPeter Grant misses the conversion.
    23TryKane Koteka scores a try for Perth Spirit.
    22Conversion - KickedPeter Grant converts the try.
    20TryClay Uyen scores a try for Perth Spirit.
    19Conversion - MissedConversion attempt from Peter Grant has the distance but not the direction.
    18TryJames Verity-Amm scores a try for Perth Spirit.
    15Penalty Goal - KickedBryce Hegarty kicks the penalty.
    12Penalty Goal - KickedBryce Hegarty has kicked a penalty goal.
    3Conversion - KickedPeter Grant has kicked a conversion.
    2TryKane Koteka scores a try for Perth Spirit.
    0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle.
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