George Morseau
Position Wing
Date of birth 29 June 1991
Height 174cm
Weight 82kg


Born in the Torres Strait Islands, George Morseau hopes that Canberra will be his new home.

Making his Sevens debut with the Papua New Guinea national team, Morseau most recently moved from Brisbane, where he was playing in Queensland Sevens to take up an opportunity with winning club rugby side the Canberra Royals.

Making his debut for the Royals this season, Morseau was instrumental in the clubs undefeated streak in the 2017 John I Dent Cup. 

Morseau now joins Royals teammates Tom Cusack and Andrew Muirhead as he lines up for the UC Vikings.

NRC 2020 season

Points 0
Carries 6
Metres 31
Successful Tackles 2
Missed Tackles 1