Hard work only way back to the top: Thorn

Super Rugby
by Sam Phillips

There's only one way the Reds can traverse the Super Rugby ladder in 2019 and according to coach Brad Thorn, it'll be through sheer hard work and plenty of it.

Thorn has voiced an impressive campaign launched by the Reds via their social media channels on Monday which preaches the importance of hard work and perhaps more importantly, doing that hard work when no one else is watching.

It's a principle which held Thorn in very good stead through his own illustrious playing career and remains a value which he hopes will drag the Reds back towards finals football.

"When the pressure is on my mindset is steel and I am going to work but I am also helping others - there is a real strength in that," Thorn said.

"The mindset is massive and when you achieve stuff - at the end of it - everyone is happy and it’s great.

"The way you get that fun moment is by working harder and putting everything you have into it again.

"It’s good old fashioned hard work."

Footage of Reds teams from previous eras was used prominently in the video and in a nod to their oldest rival, all vision of games from a bygone era were matches against the Waratahs.

They are, after all, Queensland's most bitter rival, even if the contests between the two teams have been largely lopsided in the last four to five years.

Thorn doesn't go into great detail about the rivalry or the specifics behind it but did explain his take on the team culture he hopes to build.

"When we talk about positives we aren’t just talking about team culture or giving high fives," he said.

Brad Thorn has preached the importance of hard work. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Stuart Walmsley"It’s about work ethic, humility to keep learning, keep growing.

"The discipline - it’s working hard for each other."

But above all, Thorn wants his players to know that talent will never be enough.

"Talent is not enough," he said.

"Hard work is required.

"That way, when it’s the last 20 minutes and the pressure is on you’re not relying on anyone."