Wallaroos' slip opens door for France

Womens Rugby World Cup
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by Beth Newman

Wallaroos vice-captain Cheyenne Campbell says the side let themselves slip against France and couldn’t find their way back.

After a tenacious showing in their opener against Ireland, Australia never found a foothold against the French, putting them out of semi-final contention.

Campbell said the team couldn't quite find the level they had in that first clash.

“We probably did drop a little bit for this game,” she said post-match.

“That was unexpected on our half. We really wanted to come in and give France a good run for their money but we weren't able to match that.

The Wallaroos couldn't catch France. Photo: Getty Images“Against Ireland we prepared well and we knew what to expect against a tough side and we brought everything to that game.

“I think we held our own against Ireland and just a bit unlucky in the end.

“This game we were a bit outplayed I think and France came hunting and they used the ball well and executed well and we just didn't make the most of the opportunities we got.”

With one more pool match this week, against Japan, the Wallaroos still have a chance to scrounge a win from the preliminary stages.

“We've got to let that game go and learn from it and regroup for the next one and step up again and meet Japan and play well and play like we did against Ireland,” Campbell said.

“We believed we could do it and we've definitely got the players to do that and just unfortunately wasn't our night.”

The Wallaroos take on Japan on Friday morning, kicking off at 2am AEST LIVE on FOX SPORTS.