Pedal to the preseason metal for Aussie Sevens

Uni 7s
by Sam Phillips

At the conclusion of the 2016/17 World Series, the Australian Women's Sevens squad sat down and deciphered where they fell short in the season just gone.

One of the big ticket items on that list was fitness and that's why coach Tim Walsh has put the team through a rigorous couple of weeks, according to Demi Hayes.

"Training in Queensland was a big step up," she said.

"We experienced some of the Brisbane hills which was huge but it was great to get around and see some of the schools and the upcoming stars."

Emilee Cherry echoed those comments.Emilee Cherry and the Aussie Sevens girls are being put through a rigorous preseason. Photo: Getty Images"We hit the ground running two weeks ago in preseason," she said.

"They're definitely putting us through our paces.

"We saw last season that we weren't quite up to standard so we have come back, set new goals and one of those goals is to get fitter and stronger so we are doing a lot more conditioning at the moment."

Both Hayes and Cherry will star for their respective teams in the Aon Uni 7s, a competition Hayes hopes will produce some potential stars of the future.

"I trained with the Griffith girls the other day and they're going really well at the moment," Hayes said.

"I think it will be a pretty tough competition, seeing all of us separate and be competitive each other, it will be great to see who comes out on top and wins the tournament.

"This is a huge preseason for us - it really sets us for the season ahead.

"Hopefully we get some good recruitments from the Uni 7s comp and I think there is a lot of talent out there."

The pair will also be up bright and early for the Wallaroos' World Cup opener tomorrow morning.

Teammates Shannon Parry, Sharni Williams and Mahalia Murphy will all start in the clash with Ireland at UCD Bowl in Dublin, which kicks off at 4am AEST.

"I think they will kill it," Hayes said.

"I have seen some Snapchats and some Instagram posts and I think they've been training really hard.

"Their goal is to come out on top so it is going to be so exciting to watch Shanno, Sharni and Mahalia come out and kill it."