Aussie Sevens come to terms with Olympic triumph

by staff

The Women’s Sevens have triumphed in Rio but they're still processing their new Olympic champion status. 

The Aussies got over New Zealand 24-17 in the final but Emilee Cherry isn’t yet used to having a gold medal around her neck.

“It’s a bit surreal at the moment,” Cherry said.

“We’ve been working towards this position for four or five years so to now finally be Olympic gold medallists is very surreal and I’m sure it will sink in over the next few days.”

It was an historic day for Rugby Sevens with the first ever Olympic medals handed out and for superstar scrum-half Charlotte Caslick the moment was over far too quickly.

“I can’t really remember what happened out there, it’s all a blur,” Caslick said.

“It’s been the best three days of my life, for sure.”

Charlotte Caslick (left) celebrating the team's Olympic triumph in Rio. Photo: Getty ImagesThe girls were quick to acknowledge the support they’ve received from around the world, with 23-year-old Cherry sharing a special shout out to her hometown of Roma.

“It’s absolutely amazing to have their support, all through my career, my whole family and everyone in the town has just been so supportive,” Cherry said.

“Knowing they’re getting up early in the morning to support me is absolutely incredible.”

Wagga Wagga hero Alicia Quirk had her own message for her hometown fans.

“The town of Wagga is phenomenal, the support I’ve received has been overwhelming and I’m more than proud and humbled to have come from such a great community that supports sport in general and people achieving their goals,” she said.

“I’m so proud I can call myself a girl from Wagga and I can’t wait to get back and share this with the whole community.”