NRC: Rams players lead coaching clinic for kids in Western Sydney


The Greater Western Sydney Rams kicked off their 2015 Buildcorp National Rugby Championship preparation with a coaching camp in their home territory for almost 100 kids, running skill sessions led by strength and conditioning coach Shane McLeod.

NSW Waratahs players Jed Holloway and Hugh Roach were involved in the coaching clinic, hoping to inspire the next generation of Rugby stars, whilst engaging the local community ahead of their upcoming season with the Rams.

The NRC has proven to be an important event in the playing schedules of both emerging and established Rugby players, something Holloway believes is an important pathway for rising talent. 

“It broadens our skill set as well because of those rule modifications and guys gain exposure to the Super Rugby sides and high level of coaching that they don’t get at Shute Shield.” 

After an inconsistent season last year, the Rams will be looking to turn the tables in 2015 with new Head Coach Jim Williams taking the reins. 

Rams hooker Roach is confident that the Rams are heading the right way to having a successful NRC this time around. 

“I expect big things from the Rams first and foremost. For me myself just sticking in every game, set piece is a big thing and just keep working hard.”

This attitude is sure to attract local fans with the NRC coming back bigger and better this year, set for a thrilling display of Rugby. Holloway recognises the impact that the exciting quick paced NRC format is capable of bringing.  

“It’s what the fans want at the end of the day. They was to see that expansive style of football and a lot of points scored.”   

The Rams first match takes place against the NSW Country Eagles at Merrylands RSL Park in Sydney on Saturday, 22nd August.