Cup finalists decided for National Youth Sevens Championships in Sydney

by staff

The Cup Finalists for tomorrow at the National Youth Sevens Championships at the Sydney Academy of Sport have been decided with some intriguing battles ahead.

In the Boys tournament, NSW Wales Blue take on old rivals ACT while Queensland Red - who conceded just 19 points in four games on Day One as they won every game - play Victoria.

In the Girls event packed with high quality and a handful of Youth Olympic Gold Medallists on show, it's an all-Queensland affair in the first Cup Semi-Final with top seeds Queensland Red playing Queensland White. The other Cup Semi-Final has seen NSW Blue pitted with ACT.

All of the action from Australian Sevens HQ gets underway at 9am AEDT tomorrow morning. To keep up-to-date with all of the results from the National Youth Championships, click here, or follow @Aussie7s on Twitter.

Results: National Rugby Sevens Youth Championships at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen, 28 Feb-1 March


Pool A - NSW Blue 20-14 Victoria, National Indigenous 7-22 Queensland White, NSW Blue 27-7 Western Australia, National Indigenous 12-27 Victoria, Western Australia 17-17 Queensland White, NSW Blue 32-0 National Indigenous, Western Australia 12-29 Victoria, NSW Blue 34-0 Queensland White, National Indigenous 20-24 Western Australia, Queensland White 15-26 Victoria

Pool B – Queensland Red 40-0 Northern Territory, ACT 31-5 NSW Country, Queensland Red 43-0 NSW White, ACT 27-15 NT, NSW White 24-10 NSW Country, Queensland Red 31-5 ACT, NSW White 24-10 NT, Queensland Red 36-14 NSW Country, ACT 15-5 NSW White, NSW Country 36-12 NT

Finals Day: Queensland White v NSW Country Juniors (Plate Semi-Final), New South Wales White v Western Australia (Plate Semi-Final), New South Wales Blue v ACT (Cup Semi-Final), Queensland Red v Victoria (Cup Semi-Final)


Pool A – Queensland Red 31-0 NT, ACT 24-5 South Australia, Queensland Red 15-10 NSW White, ACT 43-0 NT, NSW White 38-0 South Australia, Queensland Red 21-12 ACT, NSW White 40-0 NT, Queensland Red 55-0 South Australia, ACT 17-10 NSW White, South Australia 29-5 NT

Pool B – NSW Blue 24-5 Victoria, National Indigenous 10-15 Queensland White, NSW Blue 24-5 Western Australia, National Indigenous 5-0 Victoria, Western Australia 14-33 Queensland White, NSW Blue 22-0 National Indigenous, Western Australia 54-5 Victoria, NSW Blue 19-14 Queensland White, National Indigenous 10-34 Western Australia, Queensland White 12-12 Victoria

Finals Day: NSW White v National Indigenous (Plate Semi-Final), Western Australia v South Australia (Plate Semi-Final), Queensland Red v Queensland White (Cup Semi-Final), New South Wales Blue v ACT (Cup Semi-Final)