2015 Rugby World Cup Match Schedule

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Note: All listed kick off times are local, London times.

18 Sep 2015
20:00 England v Fiji Twickenham
19 Sep 2015
12:00 Tonga v Georgia Kingsholm
14:30 Ireland v Canada Millennium Stadium
16:45 South Africa v Japan Brighton Community Stadium
20:00 France v Italy Twickenham
20 Sep 2015
12:00 Samoa v USA Brighton Community Stadium
14:30 Wales v Uruguay Millennium Stadium
16:45 New Zealand v Argentina Wembley Stadium
23 Sep 2015
14:30 Scotland v Japan Kingsholm
16:45 Australia v Fiji Millennium Stadium
20:00 France v Romania Olympic Stadium
24 Sep 2015
20:00 New Zealand v Namibia Olympic Stadium
25 Sep 2015
16:45 Argentina v Georgia Kingsholm
26 Sep 2015
14:30 Italy v Canada Elland Road
16:45 South Africa v Samoa Villa Park
20:00 England v Wales Twickenham
27 Sep 2015
12:00 Australia v Play-Off Winner Villa Park
14:30 Scotland v USA Elland Road
16:45 Ireland v Romania Wembley Stadium
29 Sep 2015
16:45 Tonga v Namibia Sandy Park
01 Oct 2015
16:45 Wales v Fiji Millennium Stadium
20:00 France v Canada Stadiummk
02 Oct 2015
20:00 New Zealand v Georgia Millennium Stadium
03 Oct 2015
14:30 Samoa v Japan Stadiummk
16:45 South Africa v Scotland St James Park
20:00 England v Australia Twickenham
04 Oct 2015
14:30 Argentina v Tonga Leicester City Stadium
16:45 Ireland v Italy Olympic Stadium
06 Oct 2015
16:45 Canada v Romania Leicester City Stadium
20:00 Fiji v Play-Off Winner Stadiummk
07 Oct 2015
16:45 South Africa v USA Olympic Stadium
20:00 Namibia v Georgia Sandy Park
09 Oct 2015
20:00 New Zealand v Tonga St James Park
10 Oct 2015
14:30 Samoa v Scotland St James Park
16:45 Australia v Wales Twickenham
20:00 England v Play-Off Winner Manchester City Stadium
11 Oct 2015
12:00 Argentina v Namibia Leicester City Stadium
14:30 Italy v Romania Sandy Park
16:45 France v Ireland Millennium Stadium
20:00 USA v Japan Kingsholm
17 Oct 2015
16:00 QF1: Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A Twickenham
20:00 QF2: Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D Millennium Stadium
18 Oct 2015
13:00 QF3: Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C Millennium Stadium
16:00 QF4: Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B Twickenham
24 Oct 2015
16:00 Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 Twickenham
25 Oct 2015
16:00 Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 Twickenham
30 Oct 2015
20:00 Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 Olympic Stadium
31 Oct 2015
16:00 Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 Twickenham



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