Did you know that the most common reasons why Kids play sport are -

  • Its fun
  • Its with friends
  • It makes them feel good
  • It allows them to learn new skills

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ARU Kids Rugby certificate courses are held throughout Australia.

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EdRugby in Action

Yarrawarrah Primary School - Drills

Reporter 2

Reporter 1

Milingimbi-Ultraman School

Meet our heros 6

Meet our Heros 5

Meet our Heros 4

Meet our Heros 3

Meet our Heros 2

Meet our heros 1

Jamberoo playing Walla Rugby

Go Gold EdRugby

Coogee Public School SBWRW

Coogee Public SBWRW

Club Rugby UNSW

Bourke Walgett School of Distance Education - Walgett Centre Walla Day

Beverly Hills Girls HS1