ARU Schools FIELD Rugby activities

The ARU Schools FIELD provide an opportunity for girls and boys to get active at their school playing a modified, non-tackling version of the exciting new Olympic sport, Rugby Sevens and show off the knowledge learnt during their ARU Schools Classroom program as they prepare their and skills for the Carnival.

The resources enable teachers and students to learn how to play the NEW, FUN, SAFE and FAST-PACED game of Rugby for girls and boys – Non-Contact 7s (NC7s). Seven sequential, game-based lessons suitable for school children of all abilities; plus simple laws snapshot/manual and game footage are provided to ensure you and your students are Carnival ready!

Introducing Non-Contact 7s 

Non-Contact 7s (NC7s) is the NEW, FUN, SAFE and FAST-PACED game of Rugby for girls and boys which is the perfect first taste of Rugby experience for Primary and Secondary School students and teachers. 

The men’s sevens squad and guest players play NC7s as part of their Commonwealth games training camp.

NC7s Snapshot


ARU Schools FIELD Resource - Teacher Guide

Did you know?

  • NC7s is played with seven players as opposed to the traditional Rugby game of 15 a-side on a field half the size;
  • The aim of the game is to provide players with more opportunities to carry the ball, catch, pass, run into space, support team mates and score tries;
  • NC7s is a minimal contact game where you touch a player instead of tackling them;
  • A touch can be made by one or two hands and can’t be any higher than the shoulders;
  • NC7s encourages girls and boys to ‘run at the space and not at the face/opponent’;
  • A try is worth one point (in mixed gender games if a girl scores its worth two points);
  • Rugby Sevens in its full version will be played by women and men at the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games.

Laws/rules - Non-Contact 7s (NC7s) laws/rules are designed to be played by participants of either or both genders, with a wide variety of skill levels and age groups. Easy to play with minimal equipment and no specialist gear, this new version of rugby is a great game to TRY. Check out the NEW NC7s Laws Manual and ensure you are up to speed with how to play.


Rugby 7s – What’s the hype?  Rugby 7s is one of the fastest-growing games around the world and its appeal across the world was recognised by the International Olympic Committee when it was chosen to be included in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games.   See the “Rugby 7s is reaching out” video used by the International Rugby Board (iRB) to showcase the game of Rugby 7s to the IOC.

AASC Playing for Life Rugby 7s Manual

The Playing for Life – Try Rugby Sevens coaching manual consists of seven sequential, game-based lessons suitable for Primary school children of all abilities.  The lessons are designed to assist teachers and coaches, with any level of understanding of Try Rugby Sevens, to deliver fun, inclusive games in line with the Playing for Life philosophy.  


Each lesson is 60 minutes in length and consists of three sections:

1.     Start out – simple games to warm up the players and introduce a skill or movement

2.     Get into it – more complex games to focus on skill development and replicate parts of the traditional game

3.     Finish up – a low-intensity concluding activity, followed by a quick review, which allows the coach and players to discuss the lesson and provide feedback.


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