ARU Schools Carnival Intra or Inter-School competition


The ARU Schools Carnival is fun, energetic, fast, high-scoring and inclusive giving girls and boys their first taste of Rugby – without the tackling – playing non-contact sevens (NC7s) at school!


The Intra/Inter School Carnival aims to give students a taste of the action by involving them in a school-based carnival with all the elements of International Rugby Sevens tournaments including a fun atmosphere and high-scoring quick games. There is also an emphasis on demonstrating fair play, celebrating diversity and being active and healthy.


The ARU Schools Intra-School Carnival could be organised by students, teachers and/or volunteers and can include all of the elements and excitement of International Rugby Sevens.

The aim of the ARU Schools Intra-School Carnival is to:

  • Introduce students to Rugby and inspire them to continue as a Rugby player and/or a fan
  • Get students active by playing at least five or more 15 minute games – thus supporting the National Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines
  • Give students a chance to play with their friends and connect with Rugby heroes
  • Consolidate their learning of key Rugby themes of fair play, health and diversity
  • Promote the playing pathway for students from school to club through awareness about the local Rugby club

The next step for students would be to compete in a one-day ARU Schools Inter-School Carnival.

Links to the Australian Curriculum

The ARU Schools Intra-School Carnival links closely to the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education (ACHPE) learning area including activities which align to the two content strands – Personal, social and community health; and Movement and physical activity; as well as the three sub-strands under each content strand.

Organising the Carnival

Please refer to the ARU Schools Carnival Teacher Guide for a detailed overview of these resources.

Teachers will know from their vast experience of organising events that the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Resources available (fields, balls, marker cones, shade tent, whistles, bibs, catering, loud speaker etc.)

  • Support from staff, parents and/or student leaders

  • Number of student participants

  • School calendar requirements


To assist teachers, the following documents and templates have been developed:

Planning checklist of jobs before, during and after the carnival

Sample carnival format run-sheets

Tabloid activities

Round-robin draws for three to eight participating teams

Scoring table

NC7s laws/ rules – NC7s snapshot, NC7s laws/rules, NC7s manual 

Draft letter home to parents

Carnival roles and responsibilities

Student leadership challenge

ARU Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines

Risk assessment

Certificates - Participation and Spirit of Rugby 

Carnival NC7s posters - PS GirlsPS BoysSS GirlsSS Boys

Carnival 7s posters - PS GirlsPS BoysSS GirlsSS Boys

Remember don’t forget to tell us what you think of the ARU Schools program and resources when you complete your National Rugby Week Experience report. We look forward to hearing about your school’s involvement in your ARU Schools Carnival.


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