Lloyd McDermott, The Man, The Legend

 Lloyd McDermott was by no means an ordinary Rugby Union player. He was the first Aboriginal player to represent his country. Pride was close to, if not the most, admirable characteristic of McDermott as a player. In 1962, as winger for the Wallabies, he made his pride in his Aboriginality clear to everyone in Australia by opting not to play as an ‘honorary white’ on the South African tour. Lloyd McDermott was a man of iconic strength. He is also noted as the first Aboriginal barrister.

The Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team was established with the goal of introducing Rugby Union to young Indigenous men and women across Australia in hopes of coupling athletics with academics. It is Lloyd McDermott's ability to combine sport and education which is at the essence of what the organization stands for and it is the reason why the organization bears his name.

Lloyd’s personal achievements serve as an inspiration to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout Australia. In addition, Lloyd McDermott is evidence that a balance between your sporting pursuits and education can be achieved.