The process of Registration, Insurance and MyRugbyAdmin are interlinked.  

All Participants (Players, Coaches, Match Officials, Club Volunteers/Officials, etc) must be registered with the ARU in order to obtain coverage under the ARU National Insurance Scheme.

The following is an outline of the essential requirements of ARU registration:

  1. A Participant (or their parent/guardian, if under 18 years of age) must register with the ARU on the prescribed ARU Registration Form (either hardcopy or via MRA online renewal) and agree to accept and abide by all of the Terms of  Registration as outlined on the 2014 ARU Registration Form (pdf - 104kb). (NB All players from 2013 have a prefilled form available in MyRugbyAdmin for Club Registrars to print out). 
  2. Players must be registered prior to participation in rugby, including before playing any match, trails or training. Coaches, Match Officials, Club Volunteers/Officials, Team Management etc. must be registered on acceptance of a position or appointment.
  3. The Participants registration information from the prescribed ARU Registration Form must be entered into the MyRugbyAdmin (MRA) database by the elected Club/Association registrar. No Participant should be entered or renewed on MRA unless they have registered on the prescribed ARU Registration Form.
  4. A Participant who is not registered on MRA is not insured.

It is the club's responsibility to ensure the original hard copies or scanned copies of all ARU Registration Forms are stored securely for seven (7) years.

Online Registration

The ARU have launched a new Online Registration and payment system. The system has been tested over the last year and a number of clubs and referee associations provided their feedback which has been taken on board and where possible has been implemented for the 2014 season. For more information please click here.

Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines are the responsibility of Competition Manager &/or State/Territory Union and should be outlined in local Competition Rules.

For the purpose of attaining participation figures, the ARU will set a deadline for when MyRugbyAdmin registration information is to be finalised. Each State/Territory Union will be advised of registration deadline annually.

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