Charity Request Policy

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) support charities and rugby-affiliated organisations through a number of methods including the donation of signed memorabilia, tickets, merchandise, posters and stickers, as well as, collections at matches. Requests are to be assessed in the following priority order.

First Priority - The ARU will support those within the rugby community who are in greatest need through injury or hardship. 

Second Priority - The ARU will support activities which provide direct assistance to the rugby community. Such assistance is prioritised according to the nature and type of request.

Third Priority - The ARU will support general community requests outside the above priorities to be dealt with on a case by case basis relating to whether they are a national or state charity, previous assistance received and type of request. Only one charity activity per club, school or charity per year is permitted and will be granted on a rotational basis.

 Memorabilia Requests

  • Request for signed items for individuals is not permitted.
  • For rugby clubs (senior and junior) the request must come from the club signed by the president, secretary or general manager.
  • For schools the request must come from the principal or sports master.
  • Requests from individual teams cannot be approved. 


Ticket Requests

  • The ARU will donate a maximum of 10 tickets to all Test matches in Australia for Charity requests.



  • In the event of a major State / National disaster eg bushfire, flood etc the ARU should naturally support collections in line with Governments requesting such assistance.
  • Only one Charity collection will be permitted at a Test match.
  • If more than one charity wish to collect at a Test Match, preference will be given to the first request.
  • The ARU will not promote the collection either through the video screen, announcements or other forms of promotion.
  • General Community requests will not be supported.


Merchandise, Posters, Stickers etc

  • Requests will be supported on a case by case basis pending availability of material.



All applications for support must be received in writing in the format of a letter, fax or email and addressed to:

Jess Wethered
Rugby Participation Administrator
Ground Floor, 29-57 Christie Street
St Leonards NSW 2065
Fax: (02) 8005 5681

  • The application must include details of the organisation being represented, what level of support is being requested, and full contact details.
  • Applications will be reviewed and recommendations made on the level of support possible.
  • All applications in writing will be responded to in writing, successful or otherwise.


Related Policies

COM003 Charity Request Policy - 23 February, 2005

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