How do I set it up?

The Online Registration and Payment system is quick and easy to setup.

Please click here to view or download the Setup guide.

The end to end setup process for clubs is:
1. Download the Setup guide from the above link
2. Decide on whether you are charging fees and if so view the ‘Payment Setup and Options’ page.
3. Your organisation can use the system to advise members to renew (and pay) online via the inbuilt email function
4. Each renewal application goes into a pending list for the club to approve
5. Club approves the renewal and the details are updated in MyRugby Admin for the next season
6. Club/ Association can manage Cash/Direct Deposit participant payments list via the Pending Payment tab.

New Members

To advertise registrations on your website to prospective members use the 'Online Portal URL' link that is displayed when turning on Online Registration in the 'Online Store Settings' screen.

You may like to place the image below on your Club Website page and hyperlink to your store. Right Click on the below image and 'Save As'. When editing your Club Website, add the image and hyperlink it to your 'Online Portal URL'.

MRA Help Desk/Support
Phone: (02) 8005 5600
- the best place to find user guides, manuals and video tutorials


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