Payment Options and Setup

The Online Registration and Payment system has been created to allow Clubs and Associations to charge members and players/referees registration fees. These fees can be collected via any one or combination of Cash, Direct Deposit and PayPal. This option can be setup by ticking the boxes on the Online Store Settings screen. Below are brief descriptions on each form of payment and how this can be managed by your organisation:


The Cash option allows participants to add their membership to their shopping cart and proceed to the checkout without paying their fees at the time. The onus will be on the club to provide instruction on where and who to pay the cash, this can be done in the ‘description’ field which appears once the box is selected. The information is displayed to the participant when they choose cash as their method of payment once they select a product in the Online Store. eg pay at club registration day on Friday 21st Feb.

Once a participant has completed the Online Registration process they will appear on both the ‘Pending Approval’ and ‘Pending Payment’ screen within the ‘Registrations’ tab in the Rugby Administration system.

Direct Deposit

The Direct Deposit option is similar to the cash option in that payment of fees is not forced on the participant at the checkout screen. Once the administrator chooses to allow the Direct Deposit option the required Bank Account details fields will appear, similar to that of the description field for the cash option. These fields will allow the administrator to enter the clubs bank account details required for a participant to electronically transfer the fees to the Club’s bank account. An instructions box is also included to allow further information from the club to be shown. eg Please include Palyer or Member surname in Description field when paying.

The bank details along with the instructions will then be shown at the checkout screen once a participant chooses Direct Deposit as their method of payment.  Once a participant has completed the Online Registration process they will appear on both the ‘Pending Approval’ and ‘Pending Payment’ screen within the ‘Registrations’ tab in the Rugby Administration system.


PayPal is the only payment option that forces a participant to pay their fees at the checkout screen. Participants can either pay via their own personal PayPal account or use their Credit Card to pay into the Club’s PayPal account.

Once the administrator chooses to allow the PayPal payment option they will be presented with several fields that are required to enable PayPal payment. These include PayPal API Username, PayPal API Password and PayPal API Signature. This information can only be acquired by setting up a business PayPal account.

The below steps outline information that you will need to setup a PayPal account for your organisation*.

•    The full name of your association
•    Your trading name
•    Full name, residential address and date of birth of the chairperson
•    Full name, residential address and date of birth of the secretary
•    Full name, residential address and date of birth of the treasurer
•    Full names, residential addresses and dates of birth of all other office bearers such as president, vice president or public officer

When signing up for a PayPal account as an incorporated association, you will need all of the above information plus your association identification number.

A discounted ARU Affiliated organisation rate has been agreed with PayPal. If you would like to get setup with a PayPal account please get in touch with the MRA Help Desk/Support (contact details below).

*Please note the estimated time it will take to setup your PayPal account including the verification period can be up to 10 days.

MRA Help Desk/Support
Phone: (02) 8005 5600
- the best place to find user guides, manuals and video tutorials


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