Sports Lighting - Australian Standard

The Australian Standard - Sports Lighting (AS 2560.2.3-2007) Part 2.3: Specific applications - Lighting for football (all codes) prepared by the Standards Australia Committee contains recommendations and requirements (the requirements refer to methods of assessment and measurement and levels of performance) specific to the lighting of outdoor football grounds for all codes commonly played in Australia.

The Standard specifies Lighting Criteria requirements for the uniformity of horizonal illumanance of the principal playing area -


Amateur  lux (Emh)
Ball and physical training * 50 lux
Club competition and match practice 100 lux
Semi-professional level Lux (Emh)
Ball and physical training * 50 lux
Match practice 100 lux
Semi-professional competition 200 lux
Professional level Lux (Emh)
Ball and physical training * 100 lux
Match practice 200 lux
Professional competition 500 lux

[* Ball and physical training is considered to differ from match practice in that ball and physical training is more controlled, involves fewer participants (typically two to four) and the paths of the participants and that of any ball used are more predictable than in match-practice environment.]

For full specifications regarding the Sports Lighting Standard, Part 2.3: Specific Applications - Lighting for Football (all codes) 2007, contact Standards Australia - or phone 1300 65 46 46, or


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