Junior Gold Cup

1 8 Friday February 14 Brisbane Yellow Gold Coast Brisbane D
2 Saturday February 15 Townsville Cairns Townsville C
1 Sunday February 16 Illawarra Sydney North Harbour Wollongong A
3 Sunday February 16 Western NSW Central Coast Dubbo A
4 Sunday February 16 Sydney South Harbour Northern Inland Sydney B
5 Sunday February 16 Sydney North West Hunter Sydney B
6 Sunday February 16 Brisbane Purple Sunshine Coast Brisbane C
7 Sunday February 16 Darling Downs Brisbane Pink Toowoomba C
8a Sunday February 16 Brisbane Yellow Gold Coast Brisbane D
9 Sunday February 16 Brisbane Orange North Coast Brisbane D
2 10 Friday February 21 Darling Downs Townsville Toowoomba C
11 Friday February 21 Gold Coast Central Queensland Gold Coast D
12 Saturday February 22 Brisbane Purple Townsville Brisbane C
13 Sunday February 23 Sydney North Harbour Western NSW Sydney A
14 Sunday February 23 Sydney West Illawarra Sydney A
15 Sunday February 23 South Australia ACT Adelaide B
16 Sunday February 23 Northern Inland Hunter Armidale B
17 Sunday February 23 Brisbane Pink Townsville Brisbane C
18 Sunday February 23 North Coast Central Queensland Ballina D
19 Tuesday February 25 Brisbane Yellow Central Queensland Brisbane D
3 20 Friday February 28 Brisbane Pink Cairns Brisbane C
21 Saturday March 1 Townsville Sunshine Coast Townsville C
22 Sunday March 2 Victoria Sydney North Harbour Melbourne A
23 Sunday March 2 Western NSW Illawarra Orange A
24 Sunday March 2 Central Coast Sydney West Central Coast A
25 Sunday March 2 Northern Inland Sydney North West Armidale B
26 Sunday March 2 ACT Sydney South Harbour Canberra B
27 Sunday March 2 Darling Downs Cairns Toowoomba C
28 Sunday March 2 Central Queensland Brisbane Orange Rockhampton D
29 Tuesday March 4 Sunshine Coast Cairns Sunshine Coast C
30 Wednesday March 5 Central Queensland Western Australia Rockhampton D
4 31 Friday March 7 Illawarra Victoria Wollongong A
32 Friday March 7 Sydney South Harbour South Australia Sydney B
33 Friday March 7 Brisbane Yellow Western Australia Brisbane D
34 Saturday March 8 Central Coast Victoria Central Coast A
35 Saturday March 8 Northern Inland South Australia Tamworth B
36 Saturday March 8 Hunter ACT Newcastle B
37 Saturday March 8 Gold Coast Western Australia Gold Coast D
38 Sunday March 9 Sydney West Victoria Sydney A
39 Sunday March 9 Hunter South Australia Newcastle B
40 Sunday March 9 Cairns Brisbane Purple Cairns C
41 Sunday March 9 North Coast  Western Australia Lismore D
42 Tuesday March 11 Sydney North West South Australia Sydney B
43 Tuesday March 11 Brisbane Orange  Western Australia Brisbane D
5 44 Sunday March 16 Western NSW Sydney West Bathurst A
45 Sunday March 16 Central Coast Sydney North Harbour Central Coast A
46 Sunday March 16 ACT Sydney North West Canberra B
47 Sunday March 16 Hunter Sydney South Harbour Newcastle B
48 Sunday March 16 Brisbane Purple Darling Downs Brisbane C
49 Sunday March 16 Sunshine Coast Brisbane Pink Sunshine Coast C
50 Sunday March 16 Brisbane Orange Gold Coast Brisbane D
51 Sunday March 16 North Coast Brisbane Yellow Coffs Harbour D
6 52 Sunday March 23 Victoria Western NSW Melbourne A
53 Sunday March 23 Illawarra Central Coast Wollongong A
54 Sunday March 23 Sydney North Harbour Sydney West Sydney A
55 Sunday March 23 ACT Northern Inland Canberra B
56 Sunday March 23 Sydney South Harbour Sydney North West Sydney B
57 Sunday March 23 Sunshine Coast Darling Downs Sunshine Coast C
58 Sunday March 23 Brisbane Pink Brisbane Purple Brisbane C
59 Sunday March 23 Brisbane Orange Brisbane Yellow Brisbane D
60 Sunday March 23 Gold Coast North Coast Gold Coast D
61 Sunday March 30 Winner Pool A Winner Pool B TBC
62 Sunday March 30 Winner Pool C Winner Pool D TBC
63 Saturday April 5 Winner Game 62 Winner Game 61 Brisbane

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