Host Come and Try

Thank you for expressing your interest in hosting a Come and Try Rugby program at your club!

It’s worth the effort

Think about the benefits. Come and Try will:

  • Help you recruit new members.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to improving the strength and structure of your club.
  • Help you focus your junior participation efforts.

Staffing your Program

  • You should have an average of 16 participants for one instructor (either paid or volunteer). All instructors must have their Smart Rugby Qualification at minimum.
  • In younger age groups the ratio should be slightly lower (e.g. 12 to 1). This allows for increased one-on-one time, leading to much higher satisfaction levels among participants.
  • In older age groups the ratio can be slightly higher (e.g. 20 to 1). At this age participants can be more self-directed, and are usually arranged in teams.
  • Come and Try Rugby involves both boys and girls over a large age range. You should consider having both male and female staff and ask your Instructors to indicate which groups and ages they have an affinity with.

Whether Come and Try is a one-day program or a 4-week Friday night program it's fun for participant's, coaches and parents!

Who are the participants?

Come and Try Rugby is aimed at boys and girls aged 5 to 12. Usually they will be young people who are new to rugby, and often those who like the game but are not attracted by traditional rugby competitions. Or they may be experienced players who want to play more rugby beyond the regular comp and improve their skills.

Because Come and Try Rugby is aimed at such a large range of ages and experience, the activities are based on the philosophies demonstrated within the ARU's modified games. They have been specifically adapted to be more suitable for the players’ stage of life, physical capability, health status, skill level and previous experience. They are safe to play yet still challenging. They have altered aspects of adult rugby laws to make them more suitable, such as the size of the ball, the playing area, the length of games, and the number of players on the field.

While the kids are participating in the on-field activities, mums and dads can enjoy a social get together while watching the activities, or they can get involved. In addition, all parents can enjoy a choice of specially designed educational, social and sporting activities.

The weekly barbecues also provide a great way to meet new friends and feed the family!

A typical Friday night Come and Try session


* Kids and parents arrive at venue for registration


* Kids break into age groups, warm up, and learn several skills and apply these in modified rugby games
* Parents relax with a drink while a barbecue is cooking, or volunteer to help out


* Session finishes


* Other parents often arrive as they finish work for the week.
* Everyone has a sausage or steak sandwich and a refreshing drink

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