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What are Drugs?
There are many different kinds of drugs in our society today. The most common ones are nicotine and alcohol which are both legal, but by no means any less harmful. Many people assume that alcohol is not a drug. Let us not get confused; alcohol is a drug and is just as harmful as any other drug.
The consequences of Drugs
The most dangerous thing about taking drugs is the consequences. And you have to be aware of these potentially life-threatening dangers. Drugs will eventually result in the deterioration of your health, your capacity to learn and concentrate, as well as your ability to communicate.

Everybody's got a Dream! What's your dream?
There is one thing we all have in common – dreams and aspirations. Some may be big, and some may be small. But one thing’s for sure, we all have them. Dreams are sometimes hard to follow, but don’t let that hold you back.

Parent support Questionnaire:
Name five consequences that stem from drug addiction? Do you think these consequences could ever happen to you? Where am I going to make my dreams come true? If I have any problems, who am I going to ask for help?

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Brochure


Be Sure
Let your position be known and be confident when doing so. Never leave any room for misunderstanding on the choice you have made and be proud in announcing it. You need to decide what’s important to you and stay true to your core beliefs.

It’s not always possible to predict when you might face the temptation to drink or use drugs, that’s why it’s extremely important to prepare in advance. If you are asked to participate by friends, suggest doing other things with them instead.
Be Aware
Being aware of what’s going on around you, without being overly suspicious, can make all the difference in avoiding ending up in unfamiliar territory. If you know that the environment you were previously in was unhealthy make a point of avoiding it and go elsewhere instead.

And Share 
If you’re ever confronted by someone who wants you to take drugs there are many things you can say. However, learning the basic strategies of the 4 X 4 and sharing them with others will help
The Power of Friendship
Working up the courage to confront a friend about his or her drinking or drug use can be difficult. But part of being a good friend is recognising when your friend needs help – even if it wasn’t called for. 
Read the Signs
Friends often know about drug use before there are obvious signs that are visible to others. They may start hanging out with new friends who will do drugs with them or can purchase drugs for them. Or they may be showing little interest or drop out altogether from activities they once enjoyed, like sports or music.

Don't Walk Away
So you think your friend or brother/sister has a problem with drugs or alcohol? If that’s the case, it’s time to stand up. You can help your friend right now – before something really bad happens. Your friend will probably insist that his/her drinking or drug use is no big deal. 

Starting the Conversation
If you decide to sit down with your friend and talk to him or her about their drinking or drug use, you may not know what to say. You may wonder how they will respond. Will they get mad and tell you to mind your own business?
A Greater Need for Awareness
We need to spread the understanding that drugs are illegal because they are a problem, not a problem because they are illegal. That is why we need to work for better education and greater awareness to prevent drug use. 

What can Parents Do?
Young people need to know how dangerous and risky drug use can be. Don’t wait until your child has a problem. Regardless of your knowledge or experience of drugs, remember, that you don’t need to be an expert about drugs to help young people choose not to use them.
Is my Child on Drugs?
All parents want to be able to trust their children but that shouldn’t mean ceasing to trust your own intuition. For some parents the moment of truth is forced upon them. There is no need, however, to wait nervously for that knock on the door confirming your worst fears – if you know what to look for.
Suggested Guides
When the signs are irrefutable and you want to push the panic button, it’s time to sit down and take a deep breath. Try not to over react. Keep a constructive dialogue with the child who is using drugs while you buy time to seek expert advice.


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