Frequently Asked Questions

MyRugby Login issues 

Do you need a username and password to register for a course or camp? Need to renew your SmartRugby online or access MyRugbyAdmin and can't remember your login details?

ARU have recently launched a new single sign in system. 

You can find your account details, get a new password and login easily. Click here to be redirected to the single sign in process.  

Find a Club, Contacts and MyRugbyAdmin 

How do I update Find a Club information?

The details that appear on Find a Club include Club name, Website address, Training Ground, Sign On Day(s), Training Times, and importantly contact details for Registration Enquiries.

These contact details are also the club administrators with "organisation edit" access to this club to register players, update club details for find a club etc.

Are your club details up to date? If not, contact any of the administrators listed in Registration Contacts.

If you are a club administrator, and would like to update your clubs details please login to MyRugbyAdmin -> and change the Organisation Details page. Don't forget to click Save - All done!

How do I make the Contact us button appear on Find a Club?

It's easy, make sure you have 1 member who also has a relationship type of  "CONTACT" for your club. Generally this will be your registrar, but any member can be marked as a contact. eg it might be a retired person that helps at the club with registrations at the start of the season.  

How do I add change or add new administrators for my club?

It’s easy to add someone as a new administrator for the club. The system has no limit on the number of administrators that you have - as long as they have an email address!

First make them a member of the club using the new member search. Search for the person and then tick the member box and save the record.
Once they are a member they can be added as an administrator using the New Admin menu item.
There are three different levels of access. For help refer to the information icon.
  • Organisation Administrator - This allows this Individual access to both the organisation details and member information. Ie Register players and change their personal details. The system will also publish the contact details of Organisation Administrators with EDIT access on the Find a club page under Registration Enquiries.
  • Website Administrator  - This allows this Individual access to both access the "Club Website Admin" navigation button to administrate the Club Website for this current Organisation.
  • Competition/Results Administrator - This allows the Individual access to both access the Competition/Results Manager navigation button to administrate the Competition or Results for this current Organisation and the ability to register players and update player information.
Check the boxes of the access that they need.
Allocating Username and Password for MyRugbyAdmin access
If they don’t already have a MyRugby username you need to allocate it for them on this screen. Username should be firstnamelastname but if they have a common name you may get a message indicating that it is already taken. So nicknames, firstinitiallastname are all janedoe, jdoe or rugbyjane
You need to select Active in the User Status section, and select the save button at the bottom.
An email will be sent to your new administrator with a link to MyRugbyAdmin, and their login details. 
How do I remove MyRugbyAdmin access for a club administrator?
Use the current admin menu item, select the person and untick the access that you want to remove. Select the save button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I setup Online Registration and Payment collection for my club?

The ARU have launched a new Online Registration and payment system.

The new system has been designed to make it quick and easy for your members to renew online. It will also allow new members for your club/association to register online.

Paypal is used to collect payment (if required) for your registrations and have a discounted rate and a streamlined setup process for ARU affiliated organisations.

The end to end setup process for clubs is:

  1. an overview of the system
  2. followed by Paypal setup facilitated by the MyRugbyAdmin helpdesk.
  3. Your organisation will be given access to setup registration “products” (pricing, discounts etc) from 1st Jan 
  4. Your organisation can use the system to advise members to renew (and pay) online
  5. Each renewal goes into a pending list for the club to approve
  6. Club approves the renewal and the details are updated in MyRugbyAdmin for the next season

For more information on the Online Registration System click here.

Age groups / Teams

  • New fields are available for Player age / team  etc. To help you allocate your players to teams, new fields have been added to the Other details section for the individual. The fields are
    • Age this year (defaulted by system),
    • Playing Age (use this to track player playing up or down from current age) 
    • Division
    • Team
    • Two year form (to track form submission: Juniors - Two Year window, Seniors - Senior Player policy)
  • Report on new fields/export. These new fields can be searched using current members and exported using the "Export registration status fields" option.
    • Example of search criteria might be all registered players aged Under 13 or Playing Under 13. To generate this select
      • Age this year - Under 13 
      • Playing age - U13 
      • Membership - Registered Player
    • When exporting player or member information select "Export registration status fields" option to show the information entered into these new fields.

MyRugbyAdmin Helpdesk/Support


Phone: (02) 8005 5600

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