The Australian Rugby Union identified the delivery of quality rugby facilities for the rugby community as an important strategic focus in the “Australian Rugby Union’s Strategic Directions for Community Rugby 2009-2011” including the development of a National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy.

The Australian rugby community consists of 209,571 registered players from over 760 community rugby clubs and over 500 regular rugby playing schools (ARU Annual Participation Census 2010).  The need for the ARU to better support State/Territory Unions, community rugby clubs, and regular rugby playing schools to meet the facility needs of the rugby community in the future is of paramount importance. 

During 2009/2010, the ARU has undertaken the following stages in delivering on this strategic imperative, including:

  1. Development of National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy Framework
  2. Development of National Audit of Community Rugby Club Facilities
  3. Research of Facilities-Related Issues in Australian Sporting Context
  4. Development of National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy 

A National Facilities Audit of community rugby clubs was conducted in 2010. Of a total of 219 surveys submitted, 206 completed surveys were used for data analysis and identification of Key Audit Findings. This represents a sample of over one-quarter (27%) of community rugby clubs nationally. (Note: The facilities audit conducted in 2010 did not include school rugby facilities, however the Australian Rugby Union recognises the need to include school facilities in future audits.)

The aim of the National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy was to:

  • examine the existing distribution and capabilities of rugby facilities across Australia
  • identify the rugby facility needs and constraints that exist for the rugby community across Australia
  • determine opportunities that may exist to improve and maximise the use of existing rugby facilities
  • develop strategies to enhance management of rugby facilities and secure rugby facilities in the future
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of key rugby stakeholders in facility planning and management 

The National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy - Final Report (pdf - 2.6kb) addresses the following considerations, including:

  • sport in Australian context
  • results and key audit findings from National Facilities Audit
  • research of facilities development issues and implications for Australian Rugby - addresses a number of key factors including facility planning, land availability, financial capabilities, population projections and trends, sport participation rates, government relationships, and club sustainability).
  • key rugby stakeholders - roles and responsibilities in facility provision and planning
  • conclusion and key recommendations - short, medium and long term.

The National Community Rugby Facilities Strategy outlines 10 Key Recommendations, including short, medium and long term strategies.

For all enquiries contact:

Greg Denny
Administration Education Manager
Australian Rugby Union - Community Rugby
E-mail: greg.denny@rugby.com.au

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