VIVA7s is a new, fast-paced, social sports experience. It’s the best way to stay fit and have fun with your family or mates.

VIVA7s is a national program delivered in a fun, fast, safe, carnival-like atmosphere. It’s a high energy, free flowing game which anyone can play.

There are a maximum of 7 players on the field in each team. Players rotate with reserves as required. Teams have 7 “touches” to score a try. There’s two 7 minute halves and, at typical VIVA7s Centres, teams play a up to two matches each session.



VIVA7s has been developed to introduce a new participant to rugby as well as give current players a social brand of game involvement. It is also the perfect stepping stone for juniors to learn the nuances of the sport, while practicing the required basics, in a fun and safe, non-threatening environment. It allows for people of all abilities to explore their creative flair, and to play without limitations.


  1. Seven (7) players (male, female or mixed) in each team

  2. TOUCHES not tackles

  3. Seven (7) touches to score before ball given to opposition

  4. PASS to a teammate or perform a BALL PLACE once you're touched:

    • PASS: 2 seconds to offload a pass & 2 steps allowed

    • BALL PLACE: Defenders have to stand back 5 metres

  5. When ball goes over the sideline, a quick throw back in takes place

  6. Kicking allowed in general play (depending on age and skill)

  7. Turnovers - Ball goes to other team when attacking team:

  • Drops the ball forward

  • Does a forward pass

  • Uses up their 7 touches