Non-Contact 7s

Non –Contact 7s is the NEW, FUN, SAFE and FAST-PACED game of Rugby Sevens for all ages, genders, backgrounds and previous sporting experiences. Catering for players of other forms of rugby as well as new and diverse participants that are not currently engaged with the game – it provides the perfect taste of Rugby.

The new non-contact version of Rugby Sevens allows more people to take up the game and capitalise on its profile as an Olympic sport. Whether you want to be the next Australian Sevens star like Cameron Clark or Emilee Cherry, represent the country at the Olympics, or simply want to have a throw-around with a few mates, non-contact Sevens caters for all.

If you are interested in taking part in Non-Contact 7s complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form below. 

Expression of Interest Form

How to play

If you are interested seeing how Non-Contact 7s is played, check out the video of our Men's Sevens team having a game at their Narrabeen training base. The game features of Non-Contact 7s are explained on the video and are available here as a snapshot and Non-Contact 7s (NC7s) laws/rules download PDF docs. They are designed to be played by participants of either or both genders, with a wide variety of skill levels and age groups. Easy to play with minimal equipment and no specialist gear, this new version of rugby is a great game to TRY. 


Did you know?

•    NC7s is played with seven players as opposed to the traditional Rugby game of 15 a-side on a field half the size;
•    The aim of the game is to provide players with more opportunities to carry the ball, catch, pass, run into space, support team mates and score tries;
•    NC7s is a minimal contact game where you touch a player instead of tackling them;
•    A touch can be made by one or two hands and can’t be any higher than the shoulders;
•    Players can offload the ball after a touch promoting continuity and support play;
•    NC7s encourages players to ‘run at the space and not at the face/opponent’;
•    A try is worth one point (in mixed gender games if a female scores its worth two points);
•    Rugby Sevens in its full version will be played by women and men at the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games.