Adopt a Christchurch Family

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By ARU Media Unit

On 4 September 2010 Christchurch was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, it destroyed houses, businesses and vital infrastructure. Following the earthquake two generous people Janine and Jason decided to lend some much needed financial support to a couple of families in the hard hit area of Bexley.

They wanted to give targeted practical assistance and so after a meeting with their local MP, Lianne Dalziel, they identified two families specific needs and anonymously credited money directly into their bank account.

Extremely thankful, these families through the Ms Dalziel, passed on cards and photos of their children to Janine and Jason saying it felt like they had a guardian angel, someone who was watching over them and who cared. This experience combined with the second earthquake on February 22, which wreaked further havoc and devastation on the city of Christchurch, led Janine and Jason to set up

Speaking from Christchurch Janine said it was the ability to help families in the most practical of ways that really gave her and Jason the motivation to set up the adopt a Christchurch family.

“After the first earthquake our donations helped two families get up each morning and keep going, which was an amazing feeling,” Janine said.

“These are tough times for families and when we were able to help keep two families together, and following the second earthquake, we thought, why not make this bigger?

“For us family is the foundation to rebuilding our future here in Christchurch and the support we have received since setting up has been unbelievable, but we do need more help.

“Our city has experienced such devastation, our Stadium has been rendered unplayable, which means no Super Rugby or Rugby World Cup Games and for a city that thrives on its Rugby it is just soul destroying.

“Since the earthquake on 22 February life in Christchurch has change dramatically and while we have had great support here in New Zealand with winter now upon us we need all the help we can get and I ask any Australian who thinks they can help to visit and find out more.

“Every dollar counts and every dollar makes a difference.”

Since Janine and Jason assisted the two families late last year adopt a Christchurch Family has helped over 500 families stay together and get through another day. The two earthquakes have been very humbling for people affecting those that never thought they’d find themselves in such a severe financial situation. With 100% of donations going to those who need it families are able to keep on going.

Every person who chooses to donate will receive an e-mail detailing where and what their money has been spent on and has the choice as to whether they wish to remain anonymous.

For more information on how you can assist families in Christchurch click here