Policy Register

The Australian Rugby Union have developed the following ARU policies to provide players, administrators and any other entities involved in Rugby an additional reference for issues, that are outside the scope of the Laws of the Game and in addition to the World Rugby Regulations.

Policy Register of the Australian Rugby Union, as of 18 August 2015.


Code of Conduct > ARU Code of Conduct By-Laws
> ARU Expectations of Behaviour Guidelines
> Constitution
Member Protection ARU Member Protection Policy 
ARU Website Privacy Policy
General Administration ARU New Club Form 
ARU Club Deactivation Form
Safe Practices
Game Regulations Laws of the Game 
Sports Lighting - Australian Standard 
Artificial Turf 
Rugby Goggles Policy
Workplace Health and Safety ARU Medical Policy 
ARU Medical & Safety Recommendations 
ARU Concussion Guidance 
Serious Injury Protocol/ Report 
Insurance Scheme 
Smart Rugby Policy 
Blood Policy 
ARU Welfare Fund 
Illicit Drugs in Sport
ARU Anti-Doping Code 
WADA Prohibited List 2015 
ASADA Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) 
ASADA's E-Learning Portal 
'Keep Rugby Clean' - World Rugby's Anti-Doping website
ARU Illicit Drugs Policy
ARU Sports Supplement Policy
Inclusive Environments
Inclusive Environments ARU Inclusion Policy
Event Sanctioning
Playing Overseas
ARU Event Sanctioning Guidelines
ARU Event Sanctioning Application
Application for Tour Overseas 
Sports Visa Endorsement Application 
Financial Management
Charity Requests ARU Charity Request Policy
Rugby Season
Player and Member Regulations ARU Registration Regulations 
ARU Player Registration Form 2015 
ARU Non-Playing Registration Form 2015 
ARU Application for Refund of Participation Fees 2015 
Player Clearances & Transfers 
Players Suspended from other sports
Age Grade/ Senior Rugby  Junior Age Limits Policy
> Player Pathway Policy
> Maximum Playing Time
> Two Year Window Policy
> Senior Rugby Policy
> Mixed Gender Policy