Welcome to the 2015 Rugby season!

Rugby Link - Streamlining registration and management for clubs Australia wide


ARU’s new Rugby Link Online Registration and Competition Management system is LIVE

Club Administrators should have received an email containing their Rugby Link Username and Password. If you have not received this please contact the support desk 


When you are ready to log in and begin your 2015 registration set-up process, we recommend you begin by;

·         Checking and updating your Club’s organisation details

·         Familiarising yourself with finding and updating player records

·         Granting access to any other administrators at your club, and 

·         Completing the set-up steps outlined in Transition Guide 2

Once these tasks have been completed, you are now ready to begin the set-up of your season registration form.  

Click here to view and download documentation to help you with this process.

Video tutorials are also available, click here to find them. 



 Player De-Registration Policy

As of June 6th 2015, registered players can no longer be de-registered by Club or Association administrators. 

This "lock date" has been applied nationally and effects all competitions and entities.  In cases where a player warrants being deregistered, the club's State Member Union can facilitate this. 

Any clubs seeking clarification on player de-registrations should contact either their Member Union or the Rugby Link Team at 02 8005 5600 or