Laws of the Game

The Laws of the Game are formulated by the International Rugby Board (IRB) and circulated by the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) in the Laws of the Game 2014 book. Various sets of Laws apply to games across Australia as outlined below. 

Laws of the Game

The printed 2014 Law Book can be obtained through State referee associations, or by attending a Foundation Course.

Click here to download the IRB Laws of the Game 2014 in PDF format (17mb).
You can also download the IRB Laws app for iPhone and the IRB Laws app for iPad

Note: There is a new Scrum Engagement Sequence applicable from 1 March 2014. Click below for document to be provided to all front row players and referees:
- Scrum Engagement Sequence 2014
U19 Law Variations

In addition to the IRB U19 Laws of the Game, the Australian Rugby Union has adopted Australian Under 19 Law Variations applicable to all matches at Under 19 level played in Australia (except International U19 matches), including those games played by visiting touring teams. In these matches both sets of Laws apply. Click to download:

- IRB U19 Law Variations 2014
- ARU U19 Law Variations 2014

Kids Pathway U6-U12 Laws

Each game-style of the U6 to U12 TryRugby Kids Pathway has a development skills focus which takes into account the chronological age of the child and their capacity for safe and achievable rugby skill acquisition.
Click on the links below to access the game modifications summary PDFs for each relevant age group:

- Summary Table of Game Modifications U6-U12
- Under 6 Game Modifications
- Under 7 Game Modifications
- Under 8 and Under 9 Game Modifications
- Under 10 and Under 11 Game Modifications
- Under 12 Game Modifications
- Game Modifications for all age groups U6-U12

In addition there is a Kids Pathway Law Book 2014 with complete sets of Laws applicable from the U6 to U12 age groups.
Click here to download the Kids Pathway Law Book 2014.

Game Management Guidelines (GMG)

The written Game Management Guidelines will aid unions in administration and playing of the game in domestic competitions within Australia. The purpose of this document is to ensure that all participants at the community level are aware of the areas of the game which require more specific coaching and/or consistent refereeing. 
Click here to download the Game Management Guidelines 2014 in PDF.

In addition, the ARU has created a PowerPoint version of the Game Management Guidelines with video clips, suitable for delivery to clubs, teams and referee associations. This can be found on the Education Packages page.

Australian Domestic Law Variations

This ARU Memo - 2014 Law Variations covers four topics:
A. Confirmation that the new scrum engagement sequence will apply in Australia in 2014 from 1st March.
B. Notification of changes to lineout Law in the U16s to U19s.
C. A reminder of the Law Variations adopted in 2010 which will continue in 2014.
D. A request for Unions and Affiliates to submit any local Law Variations they may seek to play in 2014 to the Laws Advisory Group (LAG). The form needed to submit such a request can be downloaded here.