Officiating Publications
The following publications are available to purchase through the Australian Rugby Union.  Click here for the ARU Resources Order Form.
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Laws of the Game
This book contains the Playing Charter for Rugby, the complete Laws of the Game as framed by the International Rugby Board, the variations for U19 matches (International and Australian) and for 7-a-side matches, Referee Signals, Regulation 12 requirements relating to players' dress as well as the ARU Safety Directives and Code of Conduct.
Rugby Refereeing in Practice
This publication is an excellent resource for new referees and provides a range of information to assist Referees to get started in their career as an Official.  It also provides information that will allow these individuals to continue to  grow in their role as they move along the Official's pathway. As the title suggests, the booklet is extremely practical and stresses the need for a referee to be a people manager.
Rugby Referee Coaching in Practice
This booklet provides a framework for the sound coaching of referees at all levels. It is based on the International Rugby Board (IRB) referee competencies and is an essential guide for those involved in both the coaching of referees and in the practical art of refereeing.