Terms & Conditions

2014 Gold Coast Sevens tickets cannot be used in any advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes (including competitions, raffles, auctions or as a prize). Nor can tickets be used as part of any unauthorised hospitality or travel packages.

Please see below our full Terms & Conditions of Sale:

Sale of the ticket creates a contract between the ARU and the purchaser which gives the purchaser a transferable but conditional licence for admission to the specified match. The licence will automatically terminate if the purchaser or any subsequent transferee:

             (a)     resells this ticket at a premium;
             (b)     resells this ticket through a broker or agent;
             (c)     advertises or offers this ticket for resale on the internet or in any other medium; or,
             (d)     uses this ticket for advertising, promotion or other commercial purpose (including competitions or trade promotions)
      or to enhance the demand for other goods or services,

without the prior, written permission of the ARU. The ARU has the right to deny admission if the licence has terminated.