History of Smart Rugby

SmartRugby is Australian Rugby’s Occupational Health & Safety program which helps to provide a safe environment for all players at all levels. Incorporating the practices of the SmartRugby into your training sessions will help to ensure you are coaching your players to be capable and confident in contact.
Over 20,000 coaches and match officials in Australia receive their SmartRugby safety qualification each year. Their dedication helps to make our game safer and more enjoyable to play.
The following modules will assist you in your program throughout the year.
  • Playing Smart (Booklet Guide)
  • Technical Program
  • Injury Management (including Concussion Management Guidelines)
The Playing Smart guide outlines how the program operates and provides up-to-date information on Rugby injuries and common prevention measures.

The Technical Program concentrates on the aspects of Rugby identified as being responsible for injuries and recommends best practice to achieve effective, safe Rugby. Here you will find our video library for all safety aspects of the game.
The Injury Management module focuses directly on the serious injury protocols
and medical and safety recommendations that clubs and schools should have in
place to minimise the impact of injuries.

The Concussion Management module allows coaches, players and match officials to keep up- to- date with the guidelines for use by medical practitioners and/or healthcare professionals, as well as, clubs/schools, coaches/ teachers, team management/support staff, match officials and players/parents.

NEW concussion guidance information for clubs, schools, parents, coaches and players

Course Details

At each course participants run through the following 2.5 hour program. As a coach its see as mandatory that you cover these elements in your training sessions throughout the season.

CLIP OF THE MONTH - scrum engagement sequence



Course listing and registration details



Introduction to Playing Smart

10-15 mins

Technical Program

Balance and Stability

10 mins

Tackle and Tackle Law

35-40 mins

Support at the Ruck and Maul

10-15 mins

Scrum - Basic Safety

10-20 mins

Mayday Procedure

5-10 mins

Lineouts and Restarts

10-15 mins

Foul Play

5 mins

Injury Management

5 mins

Conclusion and Question Time

5 mins

Sign Off and Administration

10 mins


To support coaches throughout the season the ARU has created a SmartRugby Checklist (located at the back of your SmartRugby booklet)