Complete your Smart Rugby Renewal

SmartRugby Qualification

There are four ways to receive your qualification:

If you are qualifying for the first time, you can gain your qualification by attending one of the following face-to- face courses:

                       1. Attend a SmartRugby course (2.5hrs)

                       2. Attend a Kids Rugby U8-U12 course (3 hrs)

                       3. Attend a Foundation Course (Full Day)

                       4. Re- qualify online every two years


To be eligible to renew online you must satisfy both of the following pre-requisites:

                        1. the last SmartRugby session you attended was a face-to-face course; AND

                        2. the qualification you gained at that course expired on 31 December last year.


    If you do not satisfy both of these pre-requisites you are ineligible to renew online.

  If you are re-qualifying, but your last re qualification was online you must register for and attend a face-to-face course.  



Online Requalification