Coaching Development
Coach Development information

Here you will find information our tailored courses that assist your coaching pathway;

  • Coaching Kids Rugby CKR - Coaching Kids Course 
  • SmartRugby (mandatory occupational health and safety program for all coaches and referees),
  • Foundation Coach Course FCC (Level 1) - Youth Athletes
  • Junior Sevens Coach Course 
  • Developing Coach Course DCC  (Level 2) - Adult and Emerging Youth 
  • Senior Sevens Coach Course 
  • Performance Coach Course PCC (Level 3) - Performance Athletes 
  • State Union Advanced Coaching 
  • National Coaching Conference 

Everything you need to know about your qualification, how to update or complete a qualification.

Looking for a clip to help you plan your next session? CoachTV has a comprehensive catalogue of coaching clips on - evasion, tackle, catch and pass, ruck and maul, scrum and lineout, kicking, coach education, as well as current law and safety techniques. There is four modules in line with player pathways children, youth, senior and performance footage available.

Here coaches can easily locate course details and contacts for each State  and Territory Union.

In addition there are other resources available for coaches looking to further develop your coaching tools. These include, up to date ARU publications ranging from coaching manuals, monthly coaching newsletters, and past level 3 papers.    

Asteron Community Coach of the Year - Nominations are called for Community Coach of the Year

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