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Posted @ 6/30/2015    By ARU Media Unit
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Rugby’s strength comes from the grassroots of the game and through our coaches who give so much of their time to developing players and talent coming through the ranks. The Asteron Life Community Coach of the year award acknowledges the hard work and dedication of so many coaches across Australia. 

Chris McCracken has been a stalwart of Rugby in Parkes and the Central West of NSW since 2007, having coached, played and been involved as President of Junior Rugby within the Zone. 

Late last year Chris became very unwell which greatly impacted his health but his dedication to Rugby has continued. 

In the NSW Central West, Chris McCracken has been involved with the Parkes Boars and Rugby club since 2007 and now is President of Junior Rugby in the Central West. 

Chris originally moved to Parkes in 2007 and began coaching his son Ryan’s U11s team soon after. To inspire the kids in the team, he also made a comeback on the field himself. Six years on, Chris has holds the Parkes Rugby Club President and Secretary positions, and the Central West Junior Zone President title.

 Chris' volunteer work has helped grow the Parkes Rugby club, and over that time has doubled its membership. By doing this it has earned the Parkes club the title of fastest growing junior rugby club in NSW more than once in this time.

Chris has also implemented a pre loved headgear and football boot collection program. This collects used equipment to re-home within the club, allowing for no player to go without, despite their socioeconomic status. This has also indirectly assisted in increasing player numbers as local families have noted our club values and have wanted their children to be involved within the local rugby community.

Chris spends countless hours each week preparing the boys for the weekend’s games; preparing and conducting training sessions, spending time working with players individually, and preparing run sheets to ensure that our teams are supported effectively.  

In his efforts to continue growth and development of the game within the area, Chris has arranged with the ARU Development Officer to run 10 coaches through their level 1 qualification. His passion ensures that all our players in our rural community have access to the best coaching methods available.

In 2012 he had obtained his level 1 coaching accreditation and at the time of his health failing him in 2014, he had just commenced his Level 2 qualification. 

Despite this hardship he didn't let up on his commitment to the club and its members. If anything, his devotion to the cause actually increased. During treatment he continued to coach not only at club level, but also within the representative zone teams. At this time he also completed his level 2 coaching qualification, demonstrating an utmost discipline, and unwavering passion despite the adversity he was facing.

Chris is a part of lifeblood of Club Rugby and is in the running for the Asteron Life Community Coach of the year. 

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