Asteron Life Community Coach of the Year nominee: Glen Croker

Posted @ 5/29/2015   
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A man renowned for rolling up his sleeves and simply getting on with the job, Glen Croker is a dedicated clubman, Coach and mentor at Canberra's Uni-Norths club.

As well as coaching third and fourth grade teams, Glen devotes countless hours to his club, ensuring that all grades have adequate players for each round and even taking it upon himself to transport players to and from the ground from all corners of the city.

On top of his club duties with Uni-Norths, Glen takes immense pride in his role as Coach of the Australian Deaf Rugby Team.

One of Glen’s great strengths as a Coach is his communication with players, Coaches and club volunteers at all levels. There is no greater evidence of his dedication to this facet of his coaching than through the pivotal role he plays with the Australian Deaf Rugby Team. 

Here, Glen has learnt the fundamentals of sign language to communicate with his players and has earned their respect through his willingness to understand their style of play and the way they experience the world. It is a role that Glen has fulfilled with great success.

Through his association with Uni-Norths, Glen spent many additional hours in nurturing young players from PNG who relocated to Canberra and joined the club prior to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. A few of these young players broke through to the PNG national team, providing Glen with one of his most treasured moments in Coaching.

Throughout his 40 years in rugby as both a player and coach, Glen has by lived by the values of passion, integrity, discipline, respect and teamwork, making him a worthy nominee for the Asteron Life Community Coach of the Year.

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